Report for January 2017 - DRAFT

Report Date
January 2017

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

A new project (CSG011) kicked off in January which will deliver the pilot of the Totara Learning Management System. 

The CSE Replacement Servers project (CSG010) is also reporting an Amber status this month as the current testing and deployment milestones are likely to be pushed back, pending the server configuration being finalised.

The monthly programme burn rate remains a little above 100%.


Forward Look


Resources Position


Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary



Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

CSG0010 (In Year)

CSE Replacement Servers

Category:Discretionary (Sponsor funded)


28-Feb-2017 Acceptance sign-off (tbc)
05-May -2017 Deployment sign-off (tbc)
19-May-2017 Project closure (tbc)


RAG Status : Project status is AMBER because of need to revise outstanding milestones.


Report by David Watters for January 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Vendors have been on site to install software upgrades and test these
  • Business partners to undertake user testing of upgrades on new servers
  • Discussions with business partners  and Production Management about deployment

Issues and Risks

  • Some delays to getting exact configuration on new servers exactly as required
  • This has pushed back the completion of UAT and the window for deployment
  • Milestones to be revised

Next Steps

  • Business partners to complete UAT
  • Preparations for deployment to be drawn together
  • Switchover to new infrastructure






Totara Pilot

Category: Discretionary (Sponsor funded)


Target date













RAG Status : AMBER

Report by Nikki Hackett Reed for January 2017

Achievements this period

In Year project request granted by WIS

Kick off workshop undertaken with key stakeholders and external supplier Totara

Project Brief drafted and issued for review and sign off

Business Requirements document draft commenced

Pilot Business Hierarchies identified

Pilot Business course catologues identified

Domain name created: MyTraining

Key stakeholder user accounts created

Graphic design engaged and costings received

Data extract fields identified

No-reply email address requested

SSO EASE authentication integration commenced

System administrators identified

Instance created



Next Steps

System configuration

  • Data extract
  • Branding
  • Course catolgue

Service management role and responsibilities established

Project Brief signed off

BRD signed off 


  Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary

CSG007 (In-year)

Learning and Development Requirements for CSG

Category:Discretionary (Sponsor funded)

Project closure agreed December 2016
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