Report for February 2017

Report Date
February 2017

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

A new project (CSG011) kicked off in January which will deliver the pilot of the Totara Learning Management System. 

The CSE Replacement Servers project (CSG010) is also reporting an Amber status this month as the current testing and deployment milestones are likely to be pushed back, pending the server configuration being finalised.

The monthly programme burn rate remains a little above 100%.


Forward Look


Resources Position


Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary



Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Managers Commentary

CSG010 (In Year)

Sport & Exercise Replacement Servers

Category:Discretionary (Sponsor funded)


17-Mar-2017 Acceptance sign-off Accept
20-Apr-2017 Delivery of new infrastructure Deliver
28-Apr-2017 Deployment sign-off Deliver
12-May-2017 Project closure Close

RAG Status : Project status is AMBER because of revised milestones.


Report by David Watters for February 2017

Achievements in Last Period

  • Business partners have continued to undertake user testing of upgrades on new servers
  • No testing issues reported (so far) on new infrastructure

Issues and Risks

  • Milestones have been revised
  • Database server has been as reported as being slow - under investigation

Next Steps

  • UAT to be signed off
  • Final preparations for deployment to be arranged
  • Switchover to new infrastructure







Totara Pilot

Category: Discretionary (Sponsor funded)


Target date













RAG Status : RED

Report by Ben Armstrong for February 2017

Achievements this period

  • Requirements workshop with user group successfully validated business requirements and system integration requirements/feasibility scope
  • Collated staff/user data from pilot teams, which will be required for the initial upload to Totara LMS
  • Calls held with external supplier focused on the requirements for data upload, single sign-on


  • Course catalogue data is not in a consistent format across the pilot teams; action is required to address this before an upload to Totara LMS and will be raised for discussion at the next project team meeting.
  • The planning milestone of 28th February has been missed, as the project brief requires some revisions following the business requirements workshop, then to be re-circulated and signed off.  As it stands, it is not expected that this will impact the overall project delivery date.
  • A detailed estimate is required for the project, now that the project scope from the requirements workshop has been clarified and a revised timeline in place taking the project through to November 2017.  Additionally, an estimate for the feasibility of integrating with Event Booking is required but may not be immediately available due to resource constraints in the software development team.  This is being followed up to see if a higher level estimate can be obtained.  The project's RAG indicator for cost is showing as RED this month as the projection is that the current estimate of 50d will be far from achievable.
  • The system's requested domain name is awaiting approval from the naming committee; the work to implement single sign-on has a dependency on this being in place.  The request is being chased up.

Next Steps

  • Revise and sign off project brief
  • Gather consistent course catalogue data
  • Secure domain name and progress the single sign-on integration
  • Initial user and course data upload to Totara LMS
  • Continue to work on feasibility (including estimates) of integrating with Event Booking application


  Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary

CSG007 (In-year)

Learning and Development Requirements for CSG

Category:Discretionary (Sponsor funded)

Project closure agreed December 2016
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Not available.