Report for October 2020

Report Date
October 2020

Report compiled by Emma McNab

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update



Forward Look


The Programme is continuing through the challenges presented by the current Covid-19 situation.  There are 2 projects in progress and 1 yet to be started this year.

Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary






Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Risk Management System Procurement



Milestone Due Date
Project Closure 30-Oct 2020


RAG Status



Achievements in Last Period:

The pilot project has been successfully concluded  The system is now actively being used by Procurement with ISG to follow 


Due to combination of illness and annual leave It has not been possible to resolve the email header issue.  This is currently being investigated within IS There will be the requirement to re-plan the project to complete the roll-out preparations for early  next year

Next Steps:

Technical Configuration 

  • Complete email configuration 

User Roll-out 

  • In preparation for the planned system roll-out in January 2021, requirements will be defined for the full system roll-out incorporating 
    • System configuration requirements for the full Roll-out
    • User training / awareness
    • User documentation 
    • System roll-out 
    • Post Roll-out support 



IRM Intellectual Property (IP) Team Onboarding


Milestone Due Date
Closure 16 Oct 2020


RAG Status:  AMBER


Achievements in Last Period:

  • Inventor Disclosure Portal 
    • An iterative approach has been taken to prepare the Inventor Disclosure Portal for launch.   The final changes are scheduled to be completed by 2nd November to enable final user testin gto be completed
    • A phased soft launch approach has been been approved by the business which will enable 
      • The initial launch will be limited to the TT Team and a specified number of academics will be invited to review the system and provide feedback 
      • Subsequently the Business Development Team will coordinate further users to utilise the system, followed by a full roll-out across the University 
  • The Equalities Impact Assessment document has been prepared and is being reviewed 
  • The updated IRM data model has been documented and circulated for review 
  • Lessons learned have been sought from the project team 


  • Difficulties continue to be experienced with the TT team being able to devote sufficient time for testing and involvement
  • The time taken to produce the Inventor Disclosure Portal has taken longer than anticipated 
  • Due to illness, it has not been possible to confirm the post project support process
  • Project is currently projecting an overspend of 2 days 

Next Steps:

  • Inventor Disclosure Portal to be launched 
  • Post project processes to be confirmed 
  • Closure report including lessons learned to be completed 
  • Close project

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


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RAG Status
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