This programme groups projects undertaken for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS), either supported by the College ring fenced allocation or sponsor funded. Further details of the latest allocations are available in the latest monthly report, from the link on the right of this page.

Individual projects are shown below, and each can be accessed for information including scope, status, budget, risks and issues.

Please see the CAHSS Portfolio Session 19/20 for an overview of all projects of interest to CAHSS including those in other programmes.

For cross colleges activities, please see the Cross Colleges Portfolio.



Programme Owner: Fraser Muir, CAHSS Chief Information Officer

Programme Manager: Muriel Mewissen, ISG Project Services


Code RAG Manager Status Stage
HSS015 School of Economics Job Study RED Andrew Stewart In Progress Deliver
HSS022 CAHSS WAM Deployment GREEN Muriel Mewissen In Progress Close
HSS026 ECA Induction - Analysis and support for implementation of a school intranet site GREEN Ken Miller In Progress Initiate
HSS027 Hope Park Counselling Centre System Implementation AMBER Ben Armstrong In Progress Execute
HSS028 Scoping and Options Analysis for Scottish Archival Resources Online GREEN David Watters In Progress Close
HSS029 School Programme Quality System (SPQS) Improvements GREEN Andrew Stewart In Progress Execute
HSS030 Student Voice Platforms Pilot GREEN Anne Mathison In Progress Execute
HSS031 WAMS Business Embedding Susan Ridder-Patrick Not Started Initiate


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