Report for September 2020

Report Date
September 2020

Report by Muriel Mewissen for Fraser Muir (Portfolio Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

During September, HSS035 Centre for Open Learning - Migration of CLASS to the cloud has been unsuspended and work has restarted to complete the move to the cloud version of CLASS.

The most active projects were:

  1. HSS031 WAMS Business Embedding
  2. HSS033 Centre for Open Learning - Business Process and Systems Review

taking the burn rate to 25% ahead of the expected 17%.

Four projects are AMBER, due to

Ongoing risks around resourcing and prioritisation across all ISG projects of work to support adaption and recovery from Covid-19 are likely to continue to impact our programme of work for the months to come and may cause delays in starting projects in 2020/21. Also, the BA review of SGSSS and  ECA Mini Portfolios are both expected to start next month.

Therefore, the status of the programme is set to AMBER.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


Programme RAG Overview & Forward Look - September 2020


Programme Resource to end of September 2020


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Core Funding Budget Allocation

Proposed area for projects next year in session 19/20:

CAHSS had a budget of 150 ring fenced days for 20/21. The following allocations have been made, see PRICCL 110:


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Managers Commentary


School of Economics Job Study


Target Date Title
t.b.c.  Project closure


RAG Status


Report by Andy Stewart for September 2020

Achievements in the Last Period

  • Job Tracking 
    • Currently awaiting for scheduled meeting on 15th October to determine if this can be achieved 
  • Future Developments
    • Further discussions have been held regarding the funding of the Abintegro integration


  • In Work Tracking  / Job Application Data 
    • There has been no progress regarding the processing of Job Application data as the developer within Ingeus has been seconded onto other prioritised contract work and will not be available until early October to commence this work 
    • Due to the on-going further delays in commencing this work, it has not been possible to close the project as was initially planned 
    • Additional project budget may be required to enable any further development related activities
  • Future Developments 
    • There has been no further updates regarding the funding of the Abintegro integration, despite being advised of a decision by late September

Next Steps

  • In Work Tracking 
    • Meeting scheduled for Thursday 15th October to review requirements re In Work Tracking data - Job Application Data 
    • Confirm strategy and revised plans with regards to  Job Application data 
  • Future Developments 
    • Decision required on funding for Abintegro integration 
  • Finalise OLA with school of Economics / Applications Management 


Hope Park Counselling Centre System Implementation



Target Date

t.b.c. (was 19-Jun-2020) Closure 
RAG Status


Report by Andy Stewart for September 2020

Achievements in the Last Period

  • Project Status Review 
    • Development of the 3 outstanding issues is underway with UAT scheduled for early October  
      • The booking of continuous sessions should take into account specified ‘Centre Closed’ days
      • Confirmation that the ‘Gift Aid report’ mirrors the requirement of the old ‘Donations report’
      • The ability to incorporate ‘Counsellor Absent’ dropdown function for recording absence
  • OLA
    • A further draft of the OLA has been produced by Production Management and circulated for review 


  • None

Next Steps

  • Implement outstanding issues 
  • Confirm OLA
  • Complete project handover to respective support teams within Sales Agility and IS Apps Production
  • Sign-Off project closure report 
  • Close project  



WAMS Business Embedding



Target Date Title
30-Oct-2020 Complete testing and UAT
20-Nov-2020 Approved revised College WAM implemented in Simitive
26-Mar-2021 Project Delivery
14-May-2021 Project Closure approved
RAG Status


Report by Susan Ridder-Patrick for September 2020

Achievements in the Last Period

  • Training needs for schools drafted and shared with CAHSS WAM Forum for confirmation and amendments where needed.
  • Data flows and processes documented
  • Change requests for WAM investigated and updated
  • Requirement to allocate in either Hours or percentages investigated, documented, approved and applied to College WAM
  • SMC approval for approach to GH staff
  • SMC approval for approach for Research tariff bands
  • Draft Test plans work started
  • "Narrative" drafted for WAM Forum on how to use/apply the new tariffs in the College WAM


  • Concluding agreement of the Configuration Document took longer than planned as required WAM CAB decision and this took some time to achieve. The project also had to define how tariffs would be allocated - hours, percentages or the option to choose either.
  • HR Data continuity risk for BAU and for project using new 21/22 WAM
  • Increase in Insufficient budget risk due to programme allocation being below project estimate

Next Steps

  • Share Data flows and processes with WAM Forum for feedback
  • Complete "narrative" for using the College WAM
  • Complete Configuration Document approval
  • Book Control Sheet days and review impact to the plan
  • Start development of training plan with Supplier
  • Further Develop test plans


Xerte Pilot - authorisation and business case



Target Date Title
17-Sep-2020 Project suspension ends
RAG Status 


Report by Muriel Mewissen for September 2020

Achievements in last period

  • None. Project is currently suspended

Next Steps

  • Project suspension will be reviewed at the next programme meeting


Centre for Open Learning - Business Process and Systems Review



Will require to be re-planned 

Target date Title
14-Aug-2020 Sign-off Business Requirements
11-Sep-2020 Sign-Off Business Reviews
06-Nov-2020 Sign-Off Business Analysis
08-Jan-2021 Sign-off Proposed integrated solution
22-Jan-2021 Project closure


RAG Status



Report by Andy Stewart for September 2020

Achievements in the Last Period

  • Business Analysis 
    • Work is on-going relating to the To-Be aspirational requirements with the subject matter experts 
    • Investigations are on-going with regards to systems used by other HE establishments  with enquiries made to named contacts at specific universities and through a UCISA mailing list 
    • Investigations are on-going with regards to potential third-party solutions in the marketplace 
    • Discussions have been held with representatives from both Student Services and, People and Money
  • Project Governance meeting held to review current progress, revised timescales and budgets
  • The project has been re-planned with the adjustments reducing the overrun from 10 weeks to 4 weeks


  • The project is currently projecting an overspend of 10 days which requires to be resolved as the project sponsor has advised that a further budget increase is unlikely

Next Steps

  • Business Analysis 
    • Complete Business Analysis 


Centre for Open Learning - Migration of CLASS to the cloud



Target Date Title
16-Oct-2020 CLASS to Cloud Migration
30-Oct-2020 Migration Review
06-Nov-2020 Project Closure
RAG Status


Report by Sophie Izard for September 2020

Achievements in the Last Period

  • Milestones re-planned and agreed with project team and ratified by WIS
  • Test environment successfully accessed by project team and guidance notes created for all users to run the same test.


  • No open issues at present

Next steps

  • Run full testing of the test environment with the users
  • Migrate the database
  • Test the migrated database
  • Decommission the locally hosted database


Section Four: Closed Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary

HSS030 Student Voice Platforms Pilot

This project was started in June 2019 and was closed on the 14 August 2020. The closure report is available to view.


Section Five: Programme Risk Register

Risk RAG Comments
Risk 10: Disruption from the current Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak RED

Since 18 March 2020, all staff, as well business partners, moved to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown which followed on 24 March 2020.

In September 2020, Scotland remains in Phase 3 of lockdown easing. WFH remains in place for most and current restrictions are expected to be in place for the next 6 months.
Risk 11: Delays in starting projects in 2020/21 RED The continuing coronavirus pandemic impacts the agreement of budgets for session 2020/21. The CORE plan for the IS Applications directorate and associated budget was not available at the start of this new session, and was published later on 3 September 2020. This may delay the resourcing and start of new sponsor funded or In-Year projects.


Section Six: Programme Meeting Minutes

Date Comments
2 September 2020 Programme Review for July 2020 - meeting notes
22 July 2020 Programme Review for June 2020 - meeting notes
15 June 2020 Programme Review for May 2020 - meeting notes
14 May 2020 Programme Review for April 2020 - meeting notes
15 April 2020 Programme Review for March 2020 - meeting notes
12 March 2020 Programme Review for January & February 2020 - meeting notes
23 January 2020 Programme Review for December 2019 - meeting notes
17 December 2019 Programme Review for November 2019 - meeting notes
14 November 2019 Programme Review for October 2019 - meeting notes
28 October 2019 Programme Review for September 2019 - meeting notes
Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?

Programme Info


Not available.