Report for March 2021

Report Date
March 2021

Report by Muriel Mewissen for Fraser Muir (Portfolio Owner)

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

During March, work progressed well in HSS031 WAMS Business Embedding and HSS037 Replacement of ECA Mini Portfolios - Business Analysis. There was some small delays in obtaining the latest data feed from the supplier in HSS015 School of Economics Job Study and some data inconsistencies were also spotted. This is causing the RAG status to be AMBER this month while these issues are being addressed.

We note that publication of a news article on the Centre for Open Learning Strategic Way Forward on the ISG news site following successful delivery last month of HSS033 Centre for Open Learning - Business Process and Systems Review.

Proposals were submitted to the ISG 3 Year Planning to adress:

  • continuing effort for WAM, Xerte and Student Voice.
  • new activities to review Digital Skills & Capabilities, Student Engagement Monitoring and Delegated Access to Grouper.

The status of the programme is set to GREEN.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


Programme RAG Overview & Forward Look - March 2021


Programme Resource to end of March 2021


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Core Funding Budget Allocation

Proposed area for projects this session:

  • None

CAHSS had a budget of 150 ring fenced days for 20/21. The following allocations have been made:


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info Project Managers Commentary


School of Economics Job Study



The following milestones are provisional and dependant on the supplier providing the appropriate dataset 

Target Date Title
16-Apr-2021 Job Seeker Development 
30-Apr-2021 Project closure


RAG Status


Report by Andy Stewart for March 2021

Achievements in the Last Period

  • A full dataset relating to Job Application data was received and reviewed on 29th March 


  • A number of issues were highlighted in reviewing the full data set in that the following fields previously submitted were not present  - a) Contract; b) Date Short Listed; Job Id; Living Wage 
  • Having advised the supplier of the issues, no further feedback has been received 
  • Due to the on-going delays regarding the data supply, the project will require to extend into April to complete the full data upload 

Next Steps

  • Job Application data
    • Receipt and upload Job Application data 
  • Close project 


WAMS Business Embedding



Target Date Title
30-Apr-2021 Project Delivery
14-May-2021 Project Closure approved
RAG Status


Report by Susan Ridder-Patrick for March 2021

Achievements in the Last Period

  • Completion of prep and import of remaining school data for UAT
  • UAT re-testing completed
  • UAT sign-off completed
  • Approved and tested College WAM implemented and Live in system
  • Completed meetings with schools to discuss readiness for go live
  • Business As Usual Sharepoint site populated
  • College WAM Narrative document drafted for approval at SMC at the end of April
  • Training sessions scheduled with suppliers and trainees
  • Multiple Training sessions completed
  • Training plan agreed with supplier
  • Approval at WAM CAB for CAHSS WAM Lead to have sys admin training and access
  • Drafting of project closure report underway
  • CAHSS WAM Lead introduction to supplier support completed
  • Transfer of any outstanding issues raised during testing transferred from test log to managed service tickets
  • Law data imported into LIVE system
  • Schools continued to gather and prepare their data for importing in to the Live system
  • Project budget and priority reduced
  • Sys admin training dates for CAHSS WAM Lead agreed with supplier
  • Completion of narrative document


  • None

Next Steps

  • Complete remaining user training on 13th and 14th April
  • Complete Sys Admin training in May
  • Complete population of the new WAM Sharepoint site and launch
  • Final project Board on 27th April
  • Closure


Xerte Pilot - authorisation and business case



Target Date Title
TBC Project suspension ends
RAG Status 


Report by Muriel Mewissen for March 2021

Achievements in last period

  •  Advice sought from PMO on long term suspension (to next session) versus withdrawal or closure

Next Steps

  • Agree next status for project


Replacement of ECA Mini Portfolios - Business Analysis



Target Date Title
19-Mar-2021 Completion of as-is analysis
16-Apr-2021 Completion of ‘to be’ analysis
07-May-2021 Completion of requirements documentation
11-Jun-2021 Analysis of possible existing, internal systems
5-Jul-2021 Analysis of ‘off the shelf’ solutions
19-Jul-2021 Options appraisal, including costs and impact and recommendation
26-Jul-2021 Project Close
RAG Status


Report by Sophie Izard for March 2021

Achievements in last period

  • 'As-is' analysis phase completed


  • None

Next steps

  • Complete 'To-Be' analysis and requirements documentation


Section Four: Closed Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
HSS033 Centre for Open Learning - Business Process and Systems Review This project was started inFebruary 2020 and was closed on the 26 February 2021. The closure report is available to view.
HSS035 Centre for Open Learning - Migration of CLASS to the cloud This project was started in April 2020 and was closed on the 5 February 2021. The closure report is available to view.
HSS027 Hope Park Counselling Centre System Implementation This project was started in August 2018 and was closed on the 6 November 2020. The closure report is available to view.

HSS030 Student Voice Platforms Pilot

This project was started in June 2019 and was closed on the 14 August 2020. The closure report is available to view.


Section Five: Programme Risk Register

Risk RAG Comments
Risk 10: Disruption from the current Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak AMBER

Since 18 March 2020, all staff, as well business partners, moved to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown which followed on 24 March 2020.

Further restrictions were imposed in December 2020 and January 2021. Scotland remains in lockdown under Tier 4 rules, expected to move to Tier 3 on 26 April 2021.


Section Six: Programme Meeting Minutes

Date Comments
11 March 2021 Programme Review for February 2021
10 February 2021 Programme Review for January 2021
25 January 2021 Programme Review for November & December 2020
11 November 2020 Programme Review for October 2020 - meeting notes 
14 October 2020 Programme Review for August & September 2020 - meeting notes
2 September 2020 Programme Review for July 2020 - meeting notes
22 July 2020 Programme Review for June 2020 - meeting notes
15 June 2020 Programme Review for May 2020 - meeting notes
14 May 2020 Programme Review for April 2020 - meeting notes
15 April 2020 Programme Review for March 2020 - meeting notes
Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?

Programme Info


Not available.