This programme groups projects undertaken for College of Science & Engineering (CSE), either supported by the College ring fenced allocation or sponsor funded. Further details of the latest allocations are available in the latest monthly report, from the link on the right of this page.

Please see the CSE Portfolio Session 21/22 for an overview of all projects of interest to CSE including those in other programmes.

For cross colleges activities, please see the Cross Colleges Portfolio.


Portfolio & Programme Owner: Victoria Dishon, CSE IT Liaison Officer

Portfolio & Programme Manager: Muriel Mewissen, ISG Project Services



Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
September 2021 GREEN
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
SCE010 Athena Swan Reporting Improvements BLUE April 2017 Susan Duff Closed Close
SCE011 ExamOnline Trial BLUE August 2017 Muriel Mewissen Closed Close
SCEP02 Virtual Edinburgh PM Consultancy and Support BLUE August 2018 Morna Findlay Closed Execute

Programme Info


Not available.