Report for August 2019

Report Date
August 2019
Report compiled by Muriel Mewissen (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Jim McGeorge (USG), Kate Brook (D&A), Jenny Shaw (D&A), Gillian Simmons (SRA), Jim Galbraith (GaSP) and other interested business area owners.

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


The new 2019/20 session starts with three ongoing projects. Two projects have successfully delivered in August:

All projects are reporting a GREEN RAG status. The overall USG Other Programme status is GREEN.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the guidelines available on the Project RAG status guidance page.


Forward Look - August 2019


Resources to end August 2019

The budget for session 2019/20 is currently 285 days, see PRICCL 118:

  • 160 days for USG portfolio projects
  • 90 days for the USG portfolio management
  • 35 days of Core funded contingency


Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary
AP90-038 Clearing 2019 To be started in March 2020.



Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

USG012 ThankQ Infrastructure Upgrade


Category: Discretionary


Closure 23-Sep-2019
RAG Status


Report by Chris Konczak for August 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • UAT sign off achieved
  • Deployment to LIVE completed
  • DSOR achieved


  • None

Next Steps​

  • Closure report written and distributed

USG013 Clearing 2019


Category: Compliance


Target Date Title
19-Aug-2019 Remove Clearing Infrastructure
30-Aug-2019 Debrief / Closure Meeting
13-Sep-2019 Closure
RAG Status


Report by Victoria Weinsberg for August 2019

Achievements in Last Period

  • Clearing Day 6th August 2019 was successful handing 300 calls and confirming 4 offers to Scottish Students
  • Closing Meeting took place on 30th August 2019 to gather final feedback of the outcome on Clearing Day


  • n/a

Next Steps​

  • Closing Report to be finalised with input from Closing Meeting and signed off by all Stakeholders
  • Confirmation of final adjustments to the SharePoint Form in preparation for next years Clearing


USG014 Development and Alumni CRM Procurement


Category: Discretionary


Title Target Date
Requirements Specification 30-Sep-2019
ITT approval by Core Board 11-Oct-2019
Contract notice published 18-Oct-2019
ITT responses completed 15-Nov-2019
Evaluation completed 20-Dec-2019
Contract Award completed 31-Jan-2020
Delivery (Contract signed) 13-Mar-2020
Closure 27-Mar-2020
RAG Status


Report by Ben Armstrong for August 2019

Achievements this period

  • Good progress was made on defining the mandatory requirements for the procurement, with an initial draft produced

  • The IS owned procurement question sets have been validated by the project team

  • Updated procurement strategy for review by project team


  • Procurement strategy still to be signed off by project sponsor; this will be resolved in the first half of September, in advance of the Invitation to Tender (ITT)
  • The project milestones were reviewed, and revised milestones approved following discussions with the project team and the project sponsor (programme owner).  Additional time is required to complete the mandatory requirements, the contextual metrics document and the scenarios we want to see bidders demonstrate.  In order to complete these tasks, and taking into account upcoming holidays for key members of the team during September, it is expected the requirements specification will now be completed by the end of September.  Subsequent milestones were pushed back as a consequence.

Next Steps

  • Sign off procurement strategy
  • Finalise the mandatory requirements, contextual metrics and the scenarios to be put forward to bidders to demonstrate; alongside the evaluation process and weightings.
  • Complete requirements specification for tender; ready for approval by the Core Systems Programme Board


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

No projects have been closed this session as yet.

Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?


Not available.