Report for March 2020

Report Date
March 2020

Report compiled by Muriel Mewissen (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Jim McGeorge (USG), Kate Brook (D&A), Jenny Shaw (D&A), Rebecca Gaukroger (SRA), Gillian Simmons (SRA), and other interested business area owners.


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


On 18 March, a new major issue arose, following the pandemic of Covid-19, everyone who can work from home is now working from home. After a period of transition where everyone move to home working, including external partners, work in our programme continue and projects are able the progress. Potential for other and additional issues continue to be monitored under Risk 2:Disruption from the current Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

During March, our yearly Clearing project started. However the Covid-19 outbreak will have a major impact on this project. The project scope is under review and will be adapted to follow the guidance from the government and the University Executive.

USG014 Development and Alumni CRM Procurement has moved to the evaluation stage. The timeline has been revised, but may be extended further on the advise of Procurement. This project will now continue into session 2020/21.

Both projects are reporting an AMBER status. As a result, the overall USG Other Programme status is AMBER.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the guidelines available on the Project RAG status guidance page.


Forward Look - March 2020


Resources to end March 2020

The budget for session 2019/20 increased from 308 days to 352 days following return of days from HRS to the portfolio contingency , see PRICCL 122.


Section Two: Projects Not Started

There is no new project planned to start this session.


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

USG014 Development and Alumni CRM Procurement


Category: Discretionary


Target Date Title
01-May-2020 Evaluation and consensus on written responses completed
05-May-2020 Supplier demos completed
07-May-2020 Evaluation and consensus on supplier demos completed
09- Jun-2020 Contract Award completed
11-Sep-2020 Delivery (Contract signed)
25-Sep-2020 Closure


RAG Status


Report by Ben Armstrong for March 2020

Achievements this period

  • Rejection letters issued to non-qualifying bidders
  • Re-planned project timescales
  • Confirmed evaluator resources
  • Award system set up for evaluators, with deadline set for evaluation of written responses


  • Whilst the project timescales have been re-planned, a further suggestion was made by the Procurement Office to extend the time required for contract sign-off and project closure.  This will be amended and signed off by the project team.  As a result, the Time RAG is shown as AMBER this month, pending this sign off.

Next Steps

  • Sign off revised timescales and update project milestones
  • Complete evaluation of written responses and the related consensus meetings
  • Complete evaluation of commercials


USG015 Clearing 2020


Category: Discretionary


Target Date Title
08-May-2020 Planning Complete


RAG Status


Report by Frankie Quinn for March 2020

Achievements this period

  • Project formally started
  • New project manager allocated 
  • COVID-19 impact meeting took place to discuss how current restrictions impact on the project.


  • The current COVID-19 restrictions mean that it is likely we will not be able to operate a call centre from a single location. SO solutions will need to be sought as to whether operators can work remotely, which comes with a number of challenges.
  • The Government may impose restrictions on the numbers of students the university can recruit which may have an impact on whether clearing has to happen and at what scale. We will need to await further information regarding this.

Next Steps

  • Project Planning and scoping based on COVID-19 impact
  • Project Logs 
    • Meeting with project team to define best approach


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
USG012 ThankQ Infrastructure Upgrade This project was started in August 2018 and was closed on 21 February 2020. The Closure Report is available to view.
USG013 Clearing 2019 This project was started in March 2019 and was closed on the 25 October 2019. The Closure Report is available to view.
Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?
Escalated to
ISG CIO, ISG Covid Group, Deputy Secretary Strategic Planning
RAG Commentary
All projects are reporting an AMBER status. The delivery of USG014 is delayed until next session. The Covid-19 outbreak will have a major impact on the scope for USG015.


Not available.