Report for July 2020

Report Date
July 2020

Report compiled by Muriel Mewissen (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Jim McGeorge (USG), Kate Brook (D&A), Jenny Shaw (D&A), Rebecca Gaukroger (SRA), Gillian Simmons (SRA), and other interested business area owners.


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


We end this 2019/20 session with both ongoing projects reporting a GREEN status. We have a surplus in our portfolio contingency budget of 99 days.

Lessons Learned are being drawn from USG014 Development and Alumni CRM Procurement in preparation of a potential procurement project at a later date.

USG015 Clearing 2020 has progressed at pace during July with the deployment and configuration of a new call centre application, equipment and technical set up for both on campus call centre in the main library and staff at home; finalisation of data capture form and workflows; recruitment and training of operators; and trial test run; all in readiness for SQA Clearing on 3 August.

The overall USG Other Programme status is GREEN.

Please note that the project RAG status is following the guidelines available on the Project RAG status guidance page.


Forward Look - July 2020


Resources to end July 2020

We note 113 days of contingency was unused at the end of this 2019/20 session.


Section Two: Projects Not Started

There is no new project planned to start this session.


Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project Info

Project Managers Commentary

USG014 Development and Alumni CRM Procurement


Category: Discretionary


Target Date Title
09- Jun-2020

Contract Award completed

milestone to be withdrawn


Delivery (Contract signed)

milestone to be withdrawn



milestone date to be brought forward

RAG Status


Report by Ben Armstrong for July 2020

Achievements this period

  • Planned lessons learnt exercise and issued lessons learnt survey to project team and stakeholders


  • Due to the Covid-19 situation, Development and Alumni have faced financial and staff constraints which have led to their decision to abandon the procurement.  The decision is supported by Jim McGeorge and Gavin McLachlan on behalf of USG and ISG.  As a result, the project's Scope has changed and agrees last month.  The Time and Cost RAGs remain at GREEN.  There has been an agreement to move ahead and close the project, following the undertaking of a lessons learnt exercise.

Next Steps

  • Analysis of lessons learnt survey responses
  • Lessons learnt review meeting with core project team August 19th
  • Produce lessons learnt report and closure report; close project

USG015 Clearing 2020


Category: Discretionary


Target Date Title
07-Aug-2020 Scottish Clearing (4-7 Aug)
17-Aug-2020 rUK Clearing (13 - 17 Aug)
28-Aug-2020 Deliver Project Outcomes
30-Sep-2020 Project Closed
RAG Status


Report by Frankie Quinn July 2020

Achievements in last Period
  • Finalised configuration of the remote call centre and had Gamma put everything in place
  • finalised operator numbers and rotas
  • finalised sharepoint forms and scripts
  • Deployed update to the Website to reflect courses available in clearing 
  • Ordered and Delivered hardware required to operators at home and the main Library building
  • Configured the lower ground floor library space and carried out covid risk assessments 
  • Deployed Horizon software to all the Library machines and links to download software at home
  • Trained Operators on use of sharepoint forms and scripts
  • Train operators, supervisors and administrators on Gamma platform 
  • Tested the software and operator set ups



No outstanding issues


Next Steps

  • Deliver SQA Clearing
  • Review SQA clearing and make any adjustments or improvements for for A level Clearing
  • Carry Out A level Clearing
  • Carry out Clearing days debrief
  • Carry out lessons learned assessment
  • Begin Project Closure process


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
USG012 ThankQ Infrastructure Upgrade This project was started in August 2018 and was closed on 21 February 2020. The Closure Report is available to view.
USG013 Clearing 2019 This project was started in March 2019 and was closed on the 25 October 2019. The Closure Report is available to view.
Programme Status
RAG Status
Has formal escalation taken place?


Not available.