The Student Administration & Support (SA&S) Programme is a key component of the University’s Service Excellence Programme, focussed on improving student administration and support within the University.

The Student Administration & Support Programme  focusses on the critical services and processes that support a student’s journey through the University. The Programme’s scope commences at the point of matriculation and concludes when the student graduates.

The SA&S programme focuses on the core administrative & support processes (for students, academics and other key stakeholders) that are delivered from matriculation to graduation.  These processes are delivered by colleagues across the central services, Colleges and Schools, in a number of physical locations spread across our campuses, as well as online (to both on-campus and distance learning students).  It seeks to improve effectiveness and efficiency, end user experience and data across all those processes which support the student lifecycle.

The scope of this programme covers a large portion of the overall lifecycle of all students, including undergraduate and postgraduate students (taught and research) and distance learners.

More information on http://www.ed.ac.uk/university-secretary-group/service-excellence-programme/projects/student-administration-support-programme

Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
SAS003 Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) BLUE May 2021 Ruth Wilson In Progress Close
SAS010 Programme and Course Information Management (PCIM) April 2020 Ruth Wilson Suspended Initiate
SAS015 SA&S Detailed Design BLUE October 2019 Lana Smith Closed Close
SAS016 Study and Work Away Implementation BLUE August 2020 Chris Copner In Progress Close
SAS018 EdHelp BLUE May 2021 Ranald Swanson In Progress Close
SAS020 New MyEd Finance Channel AMBER October 2020 Ranald Swanson In Progress Execute
SAS022 SA&S Structure and Ways of Working BLUE April 2020 Alistair Wallace Suspended Plan
SAS023 Resilience for Student Administration and Support (Covid-19) Ranald Swanson In Progress Plan

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