The Student Experience Programme aims to deliver a better understanding of the student experience; to pilot and implement developments to services and activities; and to enrich the experience of all students of the University. This will be achieved by adopting a collaborative and partnership focussed methodology and by working through task groups developing new approaches to:

  • Emergency Response
  • Enhanced Selection
  • Induction and Pre-Arrival
  • Online and Innovation in Student Services  
  • Student Communication
  • Student Information Points
  • Student Surveys
  • Programme and Course Information Management


The programme seeks to produce the following outcomes: 

  1. A clarity and leadership around all elements of student support within the University, leading to enhanced patterns of working during and after the project.
  2. Insights into enhanced means of attracting and selecting the students we wish to study with us.
  3. Enhanced pre-arrival and induction support, allowing us to support the transition of students from a wide range of backgrounds and educational pathways and ensure their ability to thrive during study.
  4. A backbone of web-based support for their student journey, accompanied by enhanced patterns of partnership working between the support services and Colleges/Schools.
  5. An effective student information service, utilising all appropriate channels designed to meet student and staff needs.
  6. Effective communication with students, so that they are aware of, and can engage with, these enhancements.
  7. A comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to surveying the student experience; to develop our understanding of the student experience and effectively communicate this to all University stakeholders.
  8. Provision of accurate, consistent and usable information on programmes and courses, ensuring clarity of experience and assisting with course choice selection.  Support staff by delivering robust solutions to the production and management of information and reduce duplication of effort.


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