The Finance Transformation Programme (FTP) is a five year programme, launched on 26th Sep 2016 as part of the overarching Service Excellence Programme and aims to:

  • Improve services for users of our services – whether students, administrative staff or academics.
  • Create greater efficiency and effectiveness in our services by removing duplication and redeploying resource where appropriate.
  • Use an evidence based approach to drive process improvements and simplification while allowing for flexibility where agreed as appropriate.
  • Improve data quality and consistency to enhance evidence based decision making.

The Finance Transformation Programme’s scope includes the processes for financial reporting, planning and budgeting, internal transfers, sales, treasury, procurement, purchasing, capital programmes, research grants, payments, and Finance support services.

This work builds on and delivers the analysis previously undertaken in the Strategic Finance Review (see project FIN112).

Lee Hamill / Rachael Roberton Programme Sponsor

lee.hamill@ed.ac.uk / rachael.robertson@ed.ac.uk

Garry Robertson Finance Core Systems Lead garry.robertson@ed.ac.uk
Lorna McLoughlin Programme Lead lorna.mcloughlin@ed.ac.uk
Joanne Smyth Change Manager joanne.smyth@ed.ac.uk
Greg Malkin Programme Manager



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