UniDesk Programme Report -January 2013


Report compiled by Maurice Franceschi (IS Apps Programme Co-ordinator) for UniDesk Project Board

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update  

Programme is in balance and status green.

The Change and Release project has a working process configured in TEST UniDesk, so the final effort now to get sign-off by partners and improvements to the documentation and training material before we launch.

The delay in previous delivery dates for Autumn were reported to the project board early December, and the board set the project team targets for completion of UAT and sign-off off process for late January, and deployment to LIVE by March. As it stands, we expect Edinburgh and Abertay to have completed QA w/c 11th February, but St Andrews are aiming to complete and sign-off Friday 22nd.


The UniDesk Upgrade also proceeding well and to schedule as last reported to the project board - in fact, the timescales for delivery are close to C&R and so we need to assess best approach and confirm milestones given the inter-dependencies projects now have.


13/14 Annual Planning was approved by UniDesk Project Board

CMDB (carry over from 12/13) is confirmed.

However, partners will decide at the next board meeting if  SLA Module activiation, and if remaining service delivery, can be progressed too, as per original programme plan. Details on estimates for university resource and TOPdesk consultancy have already been sent onto the project board in advance.


Actions from programme meeting







 Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary


CMDB Implementation Funded

Approved funding 12/13 is 73 days (depends on previous projects).


Spring 2013   Planning TBC

Winter 2013   Delivery TBC


RAG Status AMBER  

Plan The project board met on 31st August to review the proposed programme schedule for 2012/13 and 2013/14. CMDB has been pushed back into Spring 2013, and only if we had the days after the projects to upgrade TOPdesk to v 5 and the Unidesk C&R project are completed.

Proposal and Estimates


Dependencies None



Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

ITS081 (AP01-926)

UniDesk Change&Release


Approved funding is 47 days.

Milestones (to be reviewed w/c 18th Feb.)

Target dateTitleStageComplete  
04-Jan-2013Sign-Off Systems Analysis stage (PPAR/PPDR)DesignNoeditview
31-Jan-2013Build/Acceptance Sign-Off (PPBR/ASOR)AcceptNoeditview
21-Feb-2013Deliver to LIVEDeliverNoeditview
28-Feb-2013Deployment Sign-OffDeliverNoeditview


RAG Status



Report by Maurice Franceschi for January 2012

Since the reporting below, St Andrews and Abertay have confirmed 22nd Feb to complete UAT and sign-off of the process, so the project status is back as Green for the project.

Milestones for the project wil be updated by the 20th February to reflect when C&R wil be avilable in LIVE.

Achievements in Last Period  

  • Sign-off of documentation by Edinburgh and Abertay.
  • All TEST environments configured for UAT with new process.
  • UAT Completed for Edinburgh.
  • UAT Completed for Abertay.  


  • UAT for Edinburgh has completed and although process is working as designed, it has been shown that the documentation requires better clarification of the process.
  • Abertay aiming to sign-off UAT by 11th Feb.
  • St Andrews has a date of 22nd Feb for completion and sign-off of UAT.
  • Need to outline how C&R and Projects interact - initial meeting with Project Team Manager went well and now needs follow up.
  • The V 5 Upgrade project poses a risk (to both projects) as if  C&R delays further, then it conflicts with Upgrade Project is likely to be delayed to post v 5 and documentation and training would need to reflect C&R in v 5. Meeting w/c 18th to resolve these issues.
  • Current Milestones need to be checked next week for viability, and necessary reset, after we review feedback from UAT, partner sign-off and v 5 project timings.

The status is now  Red and we must resolve the issues above by w/c 18th Feb. Project Board has set end of January to complete UAT and sign-off process so we can configure LIVE environments for the end of February.


Next Steps

Timetable for activities available from https://www.wiki.ed.ac.uk/display/ServManITIL/ITS081+Tasklist+and+Milestone




SMI002 (AP23-406)

TOPdesk Upgrade to v 5


Approved funding is 80 days.




Target dateTitle
29-Nov-2012Plan and Estimates
11-Feb-2013System Design Sign-Off
28-Feb-2013Build Sign-Off
04-Apr-2013Integration Sign-Off
12-Apr-2013User Acceptance Sign-Off
24-Apr-2013Go-Live Complete
16-May-2013Deployment Sign-Off

RAG Status


Report by Maurice Franceschi for January 2013

Achievements in Last Period

  • no milestones were planed


  • Sue Woodger has taken over as project manager.
  • Donna has been ill for several days, so Sue will assess project status w/c 11th Feb.
  • The interdependencies with Unidesk Change & Release project need to be checked and actions agreed on for the two projects.

Next Steps

  • as per milestones


Section Four: Projects Closed / Withdrawn


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

AP23-017 UniDesk Shared Service Patch

Not Funded

Withdrawn. Work has been done under Service.


Actions from October Programme Meeting (9th November)

Annual Planning to be approved by Project Board, but we propose CMDB carry over Card Reader, sponsored by Bryan, funding could be core or partners if not Edinburgh specific, small UPortal, sponsored by Bryan, core funding, Edinburgh specific, small  Details sent onto the project board re effort estimate and cosnutlancy estimate from TOPdesk 
Maurice and Stefan to meet with projects soon to discuss C&RDone Need to follow up 


Actions from September Programme Meeting (5th October)

Neil Bruce can be C&R Process Manager in UniDesk if Stefan or David cannot take on the role.

Bryan to dicuss with Neil - Maurice to confirm with Stefan and David

Resolved - Robert Gormley


The current unidesk user group woudl be a good forum to present C&R changesStuart to action 


Actions from August Programme Meeting (14th September)

Set up meeting to discuss how to promote CABSMauriceDone
C&R project will not set up CABSMauriceDone  
Get V 5 Upgrade project started asapMauriceDone