UniDesk Programme Report -March 2013


Report compiled by Maurice Franceschi (IS Apps Programme Manager) for UniDesk Project Board


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update  

The Project Board met on Monday 25th to review and decided on various issues.

The ITS081 Change and Release project has delivered, the configuration of the process on all Live environments has been signed off. Project Board have approved closure in April.

The SMI002 UniDesk Upgrade will deliver upgrades to the four universities between late May and late June, and has had its budget increased by 25 days with Board Approval.

As directed by the Project Board, The CMDB project will move to 2013/14, with a little exploratory work in June/July. This will be the only project for next year to be undertaken by the universities.

SLA and Service Delivery will be 14/15 projects.

However, the Card Integration work will go ahead, to be developed entirely by TOPdesk.  

After the above changes, the programme budget which had been Baselined at 200 days in August is now  reduced to160 days for 12/13.


Actions from programme meeting







 Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary


CMDB Implementation Funded

Approved funding 12/13 is 8 days


Initial investiations, with TOPdesk and partners, scoping - June Project under way August


RAG Status AMBER  

Plan The project board met on 25th March and decided that the CMDB project should move to 13/14, apart from a few days preliminary scoping before July.  

Proposal and Estimates


Dependencies None



Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

ITS081 (AP01-926)

UniDesk Change&Release


Approved funding for 12/13 is 47 days.




RAG Status


Report by Maurice Franceschi for March 2013

C&R is now live, and is use at Abertay. Edinburgh will release to a limited group on v 4 of UniDesk.


Achievements in Last Period

  •     C&R Configured on all Live environments
  •     C&R configured on Demo and DEV
  •     Sign-off of LIVE environment by Edinburgh, Abertay and St Andrews
  •    USD taking over workshops to Edinburgh on v 4 - initial group 


No issues  

Next Steps  



Timetable for activities available from



SMI002 (AP23-406)

TOPdesk Upgrade to v 5


Approved funding for 12/13 is 105 days - approved 25 March 13.



15-Apr-2013Opened to Partners
30-Apr-2013Test Sign-Off
06-May-2013User Acceptance Sign-Off
08-Jul-2013Go-Live Complete
22-Jul-2013Deployment Sign-Off

RAG Status



Report by Sue Woodger for March 2013

Achievements in Last Period  

  • The TAD review was held on 7 Feb but some adjustments had to be made to the document but the final TAD signoff was held up due to developers holidays and his resource on return being used to fix a broken Dev environment. TAD was finally signed off on 18 March.


  • Re-planning was required due to anomalies in original plan and delay to Dev build (i.e. developer was booked in original plan though he was on holiday; developer had to fix Dev environment on his return which was not in original plan; Service Management asked for 3 weeks UAT for partners rather than the 2 weeks in the original plan) and a revised plan was submitted to WIS and approved on 22 March.

  • The Dev build was signed off on 28 March

  • Service Management have provided a Test plan which they signed off  27 March  and have shared with the Partners

  • User documentation was signed off on 2 April

  • The project Board also approved the increase in 25 days in the funding for the project. The budget increases from 60 days to 85 days and this has been resourced due to the reduction of 50 days for CMDB.


  • There was a conflict for the SMI002’s developers time from ITS054 the result being in favourof ITS054. This resulted in a 10 day duration delay to the project.

  • Following the project board on 25 March 13 the partners had requested that their deployment dates be extended to cover the period from 27 May to 5 Jul in order to give more time to allow their users to familiarise themselves with the system. Service Management will confirm Partner dates for deployment as soon as possible though we are trying to keep the period as short as possible due to the risks of running v4 and v5 together (risks on agenda for meeting 4 April).

Next Steps

  • Test build will commence on 1 April.

  • The communications plan has been delayed slightly and will be completed week commencing 8 April 13.

  • Service Management to confrm Partners deployment dates


Project is GREEN as revised project plan in place and revised funding approved


Section Four: Projects Closed / Withdrawn


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

AP23-017 UniDesk Shared Service Patch

Not Funded

Withdrawn. Work has been done under Service.


Actions from October Programme Meeting (9th November)

Annual Planning to be approved by Project Board, but we propose CMDB carry over Card Reader, sponsored by Bryan, funding could be core or partners if not Edinburgh specific, small UPortal, sponsored by Bryan, core funding, Edinburgh specific, small  Done 
Maurice and Stefan to meet with projects soon to discuss C&RDone 


Actions from September Programme Meeting (5th October)

Neil Bruce can be C&R Process Manager in UniDesk if Stefan or David cannot take on the role.

Bryan to dicuss with Neil - Maurice to confirm with Stefan and David

Resolved - Robert Gormley


The current unidesk user group would be a good forum to present C&R changesStuart to action 


Actions from August Programme Meeting (14th September)

Set up meeting to discuss how to promote CABSMauriceDone
C&R project will not set up CABSMauriceDone  
Get V 5 Upgrade project started asapMauriceDone