UniDesk Programme Report -October 2012


Report compiled by Maurice Franceschi (IS Apps Programme Manager) for UniDesk Project Board


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update  

As directed by Project Board, the new programme budget and plan have been set. Accordingly, the project to Upgrade TOPdesk to v 5 has replaced the Evaluation project, and the Shared Service Patch has been done under Service.

The programme budget is balanced and we are working to a Funded programe of 200 days, as agreed by the partners.

The programme of Development for the coming year is now

i) Complete the UnIDesk Change & Release project, as a priority

ii) Upgrade the service to TOPdesk v 5

iii) If time, budget and resources allow, begin the CMDB project  

i) The objective of the C&R project is to develop, agree and implement and C&R process in UniDesk. The project has made progress and is close to an accepted process, implemented in UniDesk, and user acceptance testing.

Project Board were asked last month to note and feedback to PM : The project scope does not include the promotion and overseeing the take up of C&R within departments and units in each institutuion. However, the project will deliver a one day series of sessions  and supporting documentation for each institution. Beyond that, should units within an institution require additional support, then this could be offered at a cost.

ii) The Programme Manager has asked for the Upgrade to v 5 to start in October, to get agreement on scope and initial planning and resources secured, and early engagement with TOPdesk. There should be little overlap and demand on the same resoruces as the C&R project, which remains the priority. Project Board were asked last month to approve this initiation and feedback to PM any concerns.



 Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project InfoProgramme Manager's Commentary


CMDB Implementation Funded

Approved funding 12/13 is 73 days (depends on previous projects).


Spring 2013   Planning TBC

Winter 2013   Delivery TBC


RAG Status AMBER  

Plan The project board met on 31st August to review the proposed programme schedule for 2012/13 and 2013/14. CMDB has been pushed back into Spring 2013, and only if we had the days after the projects to upgrade TOPdesk to v 5 and the Unidesk C&R project are completed.

Proposal and Estimates


Dependencies None



Section Three: Projects in Progress

Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

ITS081 (AP01-926)

UniDesk Change&Release


Approved funding is 47 days.

09-Nov-2012Sign-Off Systems Analysis stage (PPAR/PPDR)DesignNoeditview
28-Nov-12Build/Acceptance Sign-Off (PPBR/ASOR)AcceptNoeditview
05-Dec-2012Deliver to LIVEDeliverNoeditview
10-Dec-2012Deployment Sign-OffDeliverNoeditview



RAG Status



Report by Maurice Franceschi for October 2012  

Achievements in Last Period

University Wide group review of process. All documents and processes updated. Robert Gormely appinted Process Manager for C&R within UniDesk.

Issues Need to engage Projects separately. Need to communicate to what extent Project is to promote uage and uptake of the complete C&R process.

Next Steps Timetable for activities available from https://www.wiki.ed.ac.uk/display/ServManITIL/ITS081+Tasklist+and+Milestone

Agreement with Partners (PPDR) -early November Configure 4 x TEST environments for partners and users to UAT - early November UAT and Sign off of TEST and Process (PPAR) - by late November



MED002 (AP23-xxx)

TOPdesk Upgrade to v 5


Approved funding is 80 days.


14-Nov-2012Plan and Estimates



RAG Status


Report by Donna Cruickshank for October 2012

Achievements in Last Period

Kick-Off session held with the key stakeholders to assess the high level requirements for the project.

Project brief has been distributed for review

Planning, estimating and requirement gathering are all in progress.


None to report at this stage

Next Steps

Plan and estimates to be agreed


Project InfoProject Managers Commentary


Actions from October Programme Meeting (9th November)

Annual Planning to be approved by Project Board, but we propose CMDB carry over Card Reader, sponsored by Bryan, funding could be core or partners if not Edinburgh specific, small UPortal, sponsored by Bryan, core funding, Edinburgh specific, small    
Maurice and Stefan to meet with projects soon to discuss C&R  



Actions from September Programme Meeting (5th October)

Neil Bruce can be C&R Process Manager in UniDesk for Edinburgh if Stefan or David cannot take on the role.

Bryan to dicuss with Neil - Maurice to confirm with Stefan and David

Resolved - Robert Gormley


The current unidesk user group would be a good forum to present C&R changesStuart to action? 


Actions from August Programme Meeting (14th September)

Set up meeting to discuss how to promote CABSMauriceDone
C&R project will not set up CABSMauriceDone  
Get V 5 Upgrade project started asapMauriceDone





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