Report for October 2021

Report Date
October 2021

Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


Programme status: The overall status of the STU programme for October 2021 is AMBER with delays being experienced on both open projects.


Risk 14: AMBER - Unresolved issues on how to replace legacy UG & PG Degree Finder application - issue escalated to USG and ISG senior leadership team. Current UG & PG  Degree finder tech stack is legacy end-of-life code , and will get very difficult to make any substantial changes going forward,  if there are any external statutory drivers for change

Project Highlights

  • STU265: Resolution was reached on LIVE issue and project progressing delivery sign-off and closure
  • STU267: Delay in the production of the project brief due to leave and the need to understand the work required in the project

Please note that the project RAG status is following the revised guidelines: A one-page summary of the IS RAG status indicators is available on this page.


Forward Look - October 2021

Resources to end October 2021

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Project Programme Manager's Commentary
N/A All planned projects are in progress

Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info

Project Manager's Commentary

STU265 G-Cloud replacement of FOI Request planning tool

Category:  Compliance


Milestone Due Date
Migration of Historic Data 01-Nov-2021
Deployment Sign Off 19-Nov-2021
Project Closure 15-Dec-2021
Legacy ColdFusion Decommissioned 15-Dec-2021


RAG Status


Report by Alan Donald for October 2021 



  • Sign off on LIVE issue - Records Management satisfied that the cases have been reviewed
  • On-going support provided to Records Management team after the  eCase  go-live on 3rd March
  • Records Management meeting on 1st November to go through UAT findings


  • N/A

Next Steps

  • Approve Data Migration in TEST and promote to LIVE
  • Replan milestones following confirmation of TEST sign off
  • Decommission legacy coldfusion application after successful data migration
  • Close project

STU267 CareerHub migration to the Cloud

Category:  Compliance


Milestone Due Date
Completion of project brief 22-Nov-2021
Delivery 17-Dec-2021
Close 21-Jan-2021


RAG Status


Report by Sophie Izard for October 2021 


Achievements this period

  • The project is completing a procurement process 
  • The decision has been taken to move the admins to SSO as part of the migration
  • Work is underway to understand and agree all technical decisions that have to be made on data provision and email set up
  • The project manager has been reallocated to another project with a higher priority. The programme manager Susan Ridder-Patrick will now complete this project as the project manager


  • The planning milestone deadline has had to be extended to 22nd November. This is the second time that this deadline has been extended. The ideal window for the stakeholders to make the move to the cloud is the end of November to the beginning of December. This change to the planning deadline puts this at risk and so the project has been moved to amber. This risk is detailed in risk 7. The full impact of this will be known once planning can be completed

Next steps

  • Finalise procurement activities
  • Complete project plan and brief



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects

Only those projects closed from January 2020 onwards are included in this table. A full history of completed projects is available on the programme's website.

Project Info Project Manager's Commentary
STU260 CAM  Degree Finders - Options Appraisal  Project closed in January 2020. The Closure Report is available.
STU266 UG & PG Degree Finder Options Appraisal Project closed in April 2020. The Closure Report is available.



Programme Status
RAG Status
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