Student Services includes those projects initiated from the University Secretary's Group Business Unit with a Student focus including (among others) Careers, Communications & Marketing, Records Management, Student Disability Service, Student Counselling, Student recruitment and admissions, Academic Services.

EUCLID Student Systems and Timetabling are covered in separate programmes.

Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
April 2022 AMBER
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
STU257 Privacy Impact Assessment Tool (GDPR Requirement) BLUE December 2019 Andrew Stewart Closed Close
STU260 CAM UG & PG Degree Finders - Security Strengthening BLUE January 2020 Chris Konczak Closed Close
STU265 G-Cloud replacement of FOI Request planning tool AMBER April 2022 Alan Donald In Progress Deliver
STU266 UG & PG Degree Finder Options Appraisal BLUE March 2020 Kevin Hone Closed Close