September 2015

Report Date
September 2015

TEL Programme Report compiled by Colin Watt, (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Mark Wetton and Anne-Marie Scott


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


Overall Programme RAG: GREEN


TEL017 VLE Student Analytics - Closed.

TEL018 QMP Upgrade - Closed.

TEL021 TELS Management Information - Moodle deployment taking place w/c 05/10. DSOR and closure to follow.

TEL022 Moodle Upgrade - Closed.

TEL023 Next Generation Personal Response System Implementation -  Closed.

TEL024 Migration of MVM UG to PebblePad - Closed.

TEL025 Moodle Data Feeds - Planning complete; scope and cost is subject to review by Architecture group of the proposal.


Forward Look and RAG


Resource Summary




Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project InfoProject Manager's Commentary
AP56-010 BlackBoard Collaborate MyEd Channel Refresh

Scheduled start: August 2015; delayed: awaiting further detail from Blackboard which will determine likely start date.

AP56-012 Coldfusion Upgrade of Learn Services MyEd ChannelScheduled start: January 2016; it is understood that this project is now not required (tbc)
AP56-013 Annual Moodle Upgrade

Scheduled start: January 2016

AP56-079 VLE Student AnalyticsScheduled start: January 2016
AP56-080 Online Assessment Evaluations (years 2 and 3)Scheduled start: tbd
AP56-035 Learn and Student Record Grade ExchangeScheduled start: October 2015; delayed: PRICCL required to transfer 10 days effort from the TEL programme to the SSP Programme to cover R&D under their existing project. 





Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Manager's Commentary

TEL015 (AP45-039)

Online Assessment/Feedback Evaluations – FACS



01-Oct-2015End of suspension


RAG Status




Report by Sue Woodger for April 2015


TEL015 suspended for 6 months until 1 October 2015.


Next Steps

End of Suspension 1 Oct 15


TEL021 (AP45-039)

TELS Management Information





08-Oct-2015Deployment sign-off [All]


RAG Status


Report by David Watters for September 2015



Achievements in Last Period

  • Moodle parts of project acceptance testing satisfactorily completed
  • Issues with Learn BI elements resolved
  • Issues with QMP/PP passwords resolved


  • Project effort has increased; still to be agreed with Project Sponsor
  • Learn elements not available in Live because of BI problems
  • QMP/PP elements not available in Live - user/password problems

Next Steps

  • Deploy Moodle elements into Live [done 02/10]
  • Deployment sign-off
  • Project closure


TEL025 Moodle Data Feeds




14-Aug-2015Project Brief completed
02-Oct-2015Business Analysis complete (TBC)
30-Oct-2015Design Complete (TBC)
11-Dec-2015Build Complete (TBC)
18-Dec-2015Integration Complete (TBC)
12-Feb-2016Acceptance complete (TBC)
18-Feb-2016Deployment complete (TBC)
25-Feb-2016Deployment Review complete (TBC)
04-Mar-2016Closure (TBC)

RAG Status


Report by Karen Stirling for September 2015

Achievements in Last Period

  • Planning completed
  • Agreed change of project name to "Moodle Course Enrolment Management"



  • Design under review by Applications Architectural group; budget and estimates to be reviewed subject to technical approach


Next Steps

  • Design Sign Off
  • Start Build


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects



Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

TEL017 (AP45-038)

VLE Student Analytics

Closure Approved 04 September 2015

TEL018 (AP45-037)

QMP Upgrade

Closure Approved 25 September 2015

TEL022 (AP45-058)

Moodle Upgrade

Closure Approved 11 September 2015

TEL023 (AP34-049)

Next Generation Voting System Implementation

Closure Approved 11 September 2015


TEL024 Migration of MVM UG to PebblePad

Closure Approved 02 October 2015