November 2015

Report Date
November 2015

TEL Programme Report compiled by Colin Watt, (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Anne-Marie Scott


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


Overall Programme RAG: GREEN


TEL021 TELS Management Information - closure approved.

TEL025 Moodle Course Enrolment Management - Design review signed off.

Programme Manager and ISG Portfolio Manager have reconciled budget. Programme Balance row now 68 Days.

AP56-012 Coldfusion Upgrade of Learn Services MyEd Channel to be withdrawn, and 20 Days to be transferred to WIT Programme to contribute towards testing of MyEd channel (WEB008).

AP56-013 Annual Moodle Upgrade to be started in December 2015. Scope potentially extended to include resilience.


Forward Look and RAG




Resource Summary


Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project InfoProject Manager's Commentary
AP56-010 BlackBoard Collaborate MyEd Channel Refresh

Scheduled start: August 2015; delayed: likely start date Jan 2016 based on latest information on APIs from Blackboard.

AP56-012 Coldfusion Upgrade of Learn Services MyEd ChannelScheduled start: January 2016; project is now not required (due to work done on MyEd channel enhancements in WEB008)
AP56-013 Annual Moodle Upgrade

Scheduled start: January 2016

AP56-079 VLE Student AnalyticsScheduled start: January 2016
AP56-080 Online Assessment Evaluations (years 2 and 3)Scheduled start: November 2015; TEL029 Adaptive Learning Pilot started using 20d from umbrella project.
AP56-035 Learn and Student Record Grade ExchangeScheduled start: October 2015; delayed: likely start Jan 2016 dependent on R&D by SSP.



Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Manager's Commentary


TEL025 Moodle Course Enrolment Management




11-Dec-2015Build Complete
18-Dec-2015Integration Complete
12-Feb-2016Acceptance complete
18-Feb-2016Deployment complete
25-Feb-2016Deployment Review complete

RAG Status


Report by Karen Stirling for November 2015

Achievements in Last Period

  • System Design specification reviewed and signed off

  • Application and Data Architecture Document signed off by Dave Berry, Enterpirse Architect

  • Build activity underway, LDAP PHP extension installed on environments

  • User access provided for LDAP / Grouper in preparation for UAT

  • LDAP / Grouper overview completed for project team

  • SSP have provided feedback on BRD and SDS, updates to be provided back by Service Manager and Developer


  • Review developments being completed via COM021 which may have an impact on TEL025 for Grouper changes

Next Steps

  • Complete Build and Peer Test

  • Build review and Sign off

  • Integration Testing to complete

  • Preparation for UAT


The project status is GREEN


Adaptive Learning Pilot




13-Jan-2016Analytics Configuration Semester 2
13-Jan-2016Update current coursework materials
15-Jan-2016Deploy current coursework materials updates
18-Jan-2016Development of new materials
18-Jan-2016Deploy Analytics Semester 2
22-Jan-2016Deploy new materials
15-Feb-2016Analytics Configuration Semester 1
19-Feb-2016Feedback Survey results updates
22-Feb-2016Deploy Analytics Semester 1
31-Mar-2016Feedback Survey results new materials
11-Apr-2016Deployment review



RAG Status



Report by Sue Woodger for November 2015

Achievements in Last Period

Project plan and brief is with the project team for agreement. Once agreed will ensure CogBooks are in line with the plan and it can then go for sign off

SMEs have already started work on the updates to current materials



None so far

Next Steps

Project Brief to be signed off


Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects



Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

TEL017 (AP45-038)

VLE Student Analytics

Closure Approved 04 September 2015

TEL018 (AP45-037)

QMP Upgrade

Closure Approved 25 September 2015

TEL022 (AP45-058)

Moodle Upgrade

Closure Approved 11 September 2015

TEL023 (AP34-049)

Next Generation Voting System Implementation

Closure Approved 11 September 2015


TEL024 Migration of MVM UG to PebblePad

Closure Approved 02 October 2015

TEL021 (AP45-039)

TELS Management Information

Closure Approved 04 December 2015

TEL015 (AP45-039)

Online Assessment/Feedback Evaluations – FACS

Withdrawal Approved 24 November 2015