May 2016

Report Date
May 2016

TEL Programme Report compiled by Colin Watt, (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Programme Owner Anne-Marie Scott


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update



Programme Balance row stands at 34 days



Concern that remaining days effort may not be used by the end of July, specifically on these projects:

TEL033 Learn and Student Record Grade Exchange Feasibility Study (new PM has been assigned and is replanning - will meet Project Sponsor w/c 13/06/16 to agree revised milestones).

AP56-080 MULTI PROJECT BALANCE ROW Online Assessment Evaluations (years 2 and 3) - (although TEL039 to be started w/c 06/06/16 to migrate WEBPA platform).


Projects in Progress:

TEL025 Moodle Course Enrolment Management - UAT now in progress.

TEL029 Adaptive Learning Pilot - Iteration 3 in progress as per revised plan agreed with Project Sponsor.

TEL030 Annual Moodle Upgrade - Test platform upgraded and data refreshed; Testing, load testing, and capaity testing in progress.

TEL031 VLE Student Analytics - Historical extracts ready; tech resources assigned, plans aligned with Civitas, and security issues agreed.

TEL032 BlackBoard Collaborate MyEd Channel Refresh - API issues resolved with BlackBoard; developer resource now assigned.

TEL033 Learn and Student Record Grade Exchange Feasibility Study - New PM assigned; BRD in progress; milestones being replanned in discussion with Business Lead, for agreement with Project Sponsor.

TEL034 Implementation - Soft launch planned w/c 13/06/16 pending agreement on data protection issues.



Forward Look and RAG


Resource Summary



Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project InfoProject Manager's Commentary
AP56-080 Online Assessment Evaluations (years 2 and 3)Scheduled start: TEL029 Adaptive Learning Pilot started using 20d from umbrella project. outstanding budget reduced to 40d in mid-year review.



Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project InfoProject Manager's Commentary


TEL025 Moodle Course Enrolment Management





21-Jun-2016Acceptance complete
28-Jun-2016Deployment complete
12-Jul-2016Deployment Review complete

RAG Status


Report by Karen Stirling for May 2016

Achievements in Last Period

  • Commence development work aligned to Course Code fix is being  progressed alongside TEL025 but being charged via ITS RDS Service Management budget
  • Test environment being prepped for UAT to commence following upgrade
  • New test data requested for commencement of UAT from SSP
  • Dev Tech resource aligned to new milestone dates


  • UAT due to recommence week starting 23rd May, following Moodle upgrade on test via TEL030 project. Unfortunately delayed until 7th June due to key TEL030 resource being off on leave
  • Review completed on impacts of delays on project budget and milestones with project PICCL raised and submitted to WIS

Next Steps

  • Sign off Acceptance
  • Preparation for deployment – checklist, service alert etc.
  • Deployment to Live


The project status is GREEN




Adaptive Learning Pilot




13-Jun-2016Feedback survey updates deployment
19-Jul-2016Development of iteration 3 coursework materials - internal signoff
25-Jul-2016Deployment review



RAG Status

GREEN - agreed with project sponsor


Report by Sue Woodger for May 2016


  • Iteration 3 materials are in development
  • PM met with CogBooks PM – he is looking into licensing going forward
  • Project sponsor approved the revised milestones so iteration 3 could be completed and additional 7 days budget for the project to cover PM time until end of July. Eduardo agreed 21 June would be when iteration 3 materials would be complete and submitted to CogBooks so the revised milestones were
    • Development of iteration 3 materials - Internal signoff - 19 July
    • DSOR – 25 July
    • Close 29 July


  • Feedback survey is still delayed. TEL set the surveys up for Lead editor and registered his uun for access then handed the surveys over to him as he wanted to do them and TEL have heard nothing more. PM is following up with lead editor and milestone has been delayed further until 13 June.

Next steps

  • Feedback on surveys from lead editor
  • Iteration 3 materials to be submitted to CogBooks by 24 June




Annual Moodle Upgrade





22-Jul-2016Deployment Sign Off
29-Jul-2016Project Closure

RAG Status


Report by Colin Watt for May 2016

Achievements in the last period

  • Test platform upgraded and refreshed.
  • Load / capacity testing planned w/c 06/06/16.
  • Liaison with TEL025 PM to ensure testing can progress on Moodle test.


  • No major issues at present.

Next steps

  • Testing, UAT, and progress to Acceptance as per the plan.


VLE Student Analytics




16-Jun-2016Stage 2: Analytics models available 
30-Jun-2016Stage 2: Final Datasets defined 
30-Jun-2016Stage 2: System Design Document 
30-Jun-2016Stage 3: Project plan for rollout 
30-Aug-2016Stage 3: Build Views 
16-Sep-2016Stage 4: Pilot rollout preparation 
30-Sep-2016Stage 3: Go Live - Regular extracts 
18-Nov-2016Stage 5: Launch pilot 

RAG Status

AMBER - Agreed with Anne-Marie Scott

Report by Sue Woodger for May 2016


  • Alistair Fenemore, CISO, confirmed on 18 May that from an information security perspective, we were good to go for the initial one off transfer.
  • Student Systems Historical extract delivered to and received by Civitas 26 May
    • Defeng completed the document transfer process, walked 2 colleagues through the process and documented it on the wiki. Chris from Civitas has confirmed the transfer has successfully worked.
  • Learn and Moodle VLEs historical extract delivered to and received by Civitas 3 June. Chris has confirmed the transfer of data. Sue informed Melissa, Gavin, Dragan (and AMS, Lisa and Steph) that extracts were successfully transferred.
  • Chris from Civitas supplied a list of fields he would require from the Moodle clickstream data which was passed onto Steph Hay and Anne-Marie Scott, who will prepare this data
  • System Design document is complete and will now be circulated for comment
  • Civitas visited week beginning 23 May  where Chris, Paul, Geir discussed data and headers, Sue and Mara confirmed Civitas plan lined up with ours and Lisa, Amy, AMS, Mara, Chris had a discovery conversation so Civitas can understand more of the ODL program workings so they can have suggestions about actionable strategies with the ODL data.
  • At last programme meeting project was escalated to Red by AMS on grounds of time and cost. A four point plan was put into action to bring back to green. Three of the points have been completed and AMS has agreed the RAG status of the project can be reduced to Amber. The 4 point plan:
    • Fix the resources in the plan –Dev and DevTech resources were booked for the historical extract with regular extract resources requested. At this point the resource manager is unsure whether he himself will prepare the regular extracts or if it will go to another developer.
    • Ensure Civitas are on board with the plan – Mara from Civitas has confirmed they are happy with our plan and Sue met her on 25 May where they agreed Civitas plan aligns with UoE plan.
    • Security issues confirmed – these are now agreed for the historical extract. Alistair will again be involved in the process for regular extracts
    • Detailed plan available – this has been created and after discussion amendments will be made and recirculated for Anne-Marie and Lisa to agree it. Once agreed we can reduce RAG to green.
  • AMS and Lisa have agreed the following time periods with Civitas
    • 4-8 July - for data validation i.e. looking at the model and validating that it is correct. Dev Services time has been booked for this
    • 8-12 August – rollout training to academic staff
    • 3-7 October – building up the support process
  • Project newsletter set up and first two instalments sent out. Initial membership was Anne-Marie Scott, Lisa Dawson, Colin Watt, Adam Wadee, Bill Lee, Geir Granum, Mark Lang, Peter Jackson, Alex MacDonald. I have since added Mara and Chris from Civitas as they expressed interest in receiving it, Amy Woodgate (on request from AMS) and Steph Hay (who is covering for AMS who is on leave). AMS is briefing senior management.


  • No issues as such this month. Just to note that any mass communications to students require to be first run past the Press Office so that they have awareness.

Next steps

  • System Design Document will be circulated for comment
  • Communications and Training plans for the rollout developed


Project is AMBER as we still have to finalise the last item on the four point plan to bring RAG down to green. Agreed with Anne-Marie Scott


BlackBoard Collaborate MyEd Channel Refresh




17-Jun-2016Build sign-off
28-Jun-2016Integration sign-off
12-Jul-2016Acceptance sign-off
14-Jul-2016Deployment to LIVE
20-Jul-2016Deployment sign-off
05-Aug-2016Project closure


RAG Status


Report by Chris Konczak for May 2016

Achievements in Last Period

  • Design signed off and sent to Blackboard for approval.
  • Meeting with Blackboard which resolved API issues
  • Dedicated contractor started for development on this project



  • Milestones revised as there were delays in getting information from BlackBoard to continue with the design spec, project is AMBER as a result.


Next Steps

  • Build sign off
  • Integration sign off



Learn and Student Record Grade Exchange




(to be agreed with Project Sponsor)

21-Jun-2016Delivery plan / Roadmap complete
23-Jun-2016Business Requirements Complete
18-Jul-2016Technical Design Complete
25-Jul-2016Evaluation Complete
25-Jul-2016Project Closure (Phase 1)

RAG Status


Report by Iain Moore-McLaughlin for May 2016

Achievements in Last Period

  • Appointment of new Project Manager.
  • Programme Manager circulated notes from requirements workshop for comment in absence of notes from previous PM.
  • Business Analyst resource secured to produce BRD.
  • Meetings with Subject Matter Experts conducted to develop BRD content.
  • Project re-planned.



  • No major issues at this time.
  • Main issue is the delay to production of BRD due to staffing - this is being addressed by new PM with Business Analyst assistance.


Next Steps

  • Conduct meeting with Project Sponsor on her return from annual leave.
  • Confirm Project Team make up and initiate regular checkpoint meetings.
  • Review risk/issue logs and initiate any mitigation/control activity as required.


Project is RED due to delays; the revised milestones need to be agreed with the Project Sponsor.

TEL034 Implementation



Milestones - SOFT LAUNCH






RAG Status


Report by Nikki Hackett Reed for May 2016

Achievements this period - Soft Launch

Project Brief signed off/WIS signed off

Soft Launch Business Requirements defined and signed off

Data Protection policy and archiving process yet to be established signed off (hence delay)

Business ownership and administrational accountabilities identified

Technical design defined (based on current understanding but this may change dependant on Data Protection/Archiving decision)


Changes to scope and delivery date - SOFT LAUNCH

Next Steps - Soft Launch

Issue comms to affected parties

Issue comms advising downtime for users during UAT

Issue general Soft Launch comms

Create Webpage landing site for access to


Soft Launch release



Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects



Project InfoProject Managers Commentary

TEL017 (AP45-038)

VLE Student Analytics

Closure Approved 04 September 2015

TEL018 (AP45-037)

QMP Upgrade

Closure Approved 25 September 2015

TEL022 (AP45-058)

Moodle Upgrade

Closure Approved 11 September 2015

TEL023 (AP34-049)

Next Generation Voting System Implementation

Closure Approved 11 September 2015


TEL024 Migration of MVM UG to PebblePad

Closure Approved 02 October 2015

TEL021 (AP45-039)

TELS Management Information

Closure Approved 04 December 2015

TEL015 (AP45-039)

Online Assessment/Feedback Evaluations – FACS

Withdrawal Approved 24 November 2015


Coldfusion Upgrade of Learn Services MyEd Channel