September 2020

Report Date
September 2020

(Draft) TEL Programme Report compiled by Colin Watt, (IS Apps Programme Manager) for Programme Owner Karen Howie


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update

Section Two: Projects Not Started

Section Three: Projects In Progress

Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects 


Section One: Programme Commentary, RAG and Resources Update


Projects in Progress:


TEL057 Learn Foundations

TEL063 upgrade to Linkedin Learning

TEL068 EExams Procurement



Forward Look and RAG

Resource Summary

Section Two: Projects Not Started


Project Info Programme Manager's Commentary
TEL070 (AP01-19) Moodle Annual Upgrade Schedule to start Jan 2021


Section Three: Projects in Progress


Project Info Project Manager's Commentary


Learn Foundations



Phase Two: Report on measurement against success (D9.03)


Phase Two: Phase 2 and 3 engagement meetings completed (D3.02)


Phase Two: Evidence on Phase One completed - Report Produced (D9.04)


Phase Two: Strategy Plan Document


Phase Two: Template amendments Completed


Phase Two: Sign off Template Amendments (D2.04)


Phase One: Evaluation Framework Sign Off


Phase Two: Evaluation Baseline Completed (D9.01)


Go/no go checkpoint for Semester 1


Go/no go checkpoint for Semester 2


Project Closure


RAG Status: 



Report by Lee-Ann Simpson for Sep 2020

Achievements in the last period

  • Focus for September: School migration on Learn
  • The Learn Foundations project is currently working with 20 Schools/Deaneries to support in Semester 1 preparations:
    • 13 School migrations completed by the core intern group.
    • 3 School migrations completed locally.
    • 2 School migrations in progress.
  • Additional conversations completed with all Schools resulting in additional support being offered/accepted by Schools in their preparations for Semester 1 with all required support provided.
  • 16 x students extended for 1 month from the 18th September to support in the additional support being offered and accepted by Schools.
  • Analysis of data collated across the summer underway.
  • Planning for Phase Three underway.


  • None to report

Next Steps

  • Complete Phase Three planning.

  • Continue data analysis from the Summer data collection.

  • Kick off Phase Three work streams.

  • Begin to look at the School migration reports (x20).

  • Schedule in Lesson Learned sessions for each College.

  • Hold first Academic User Group.

TEL063 upgrade to Linkedin Learning



RAG Status:

BLUE (suspended)


Report by Colin Watt for Sep 2020


EExams Procurement



Execute Procurement - Publish a PIN (Prior information notice) 23-Oct-2020
Execute Procurement - Complete the Procurement Strategy 30-Oct-2020
Execute Procurement - Publish ITT (Invitation To Tender) 27-Nov-2020
Execute Procurement - Evaluation Complete 26-Feb-2021
Execute Procurement - Contract Signed 26-Mar-2021
Deliver Soft Launch Delivery (SSO Integration) 30-Apr-2021
Execute Data Migration - QMP users 30-Apr-2021
Deliver Implementation - Future Projects 28-May-2021
Close Closure

RAG Status: 


Report by Colin Forrest for Sep 2020

  • MVM paper recommending a way to proceed with the second 'lot' of the procurement.  The option is to delay the MVM part for one year with continued MVM involvement in the central procurement. 
  • Budgets are still to finalised, but the team have completed the UTC case and await clarification on MVM.
  • The 1st project board went well, and planning was passed, pending budgets.
  • Requirement gathering is underway and although we are delayed as budgets are set, the team anticipate being ready for the release of the ITT with only 2-3 weeks delay. 



Last Month


The team wish to run a restricted process.  This required a prior Information notice (PIN) to be sent and then a 30-day period until the ITT can be released.  Any continued delay to setting the budgets will delay the project further.  The 30 days cannot be compressed.


Next steps

  • Feedback and Requirements.
  • Budgets.
  • Strategy.
  • PIN
  • ESPD





Section Four: Closed or Withdrawn Projects


Project Info Project Managers Commentary


Moodle Upgrade

Closure Approved 14/08/20


Has formal escalation taken place?

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Programme Status
Has formal escalation taken place?