The Technology Enhanced Learning Programme is run by IS Learning Teaching and Web Services.  The programme incorporates an exciting mix of projects aimed at delivering improvements aligned with the strategic direction of the University, which incorporate work around a 2020 vision for student experience, significant improvement in assessment and feedback and providing for the next generation of Online Digital Learning (ODL) platforms. A number of projects also begin to improve the self help suit of information available to staff and students, reflecting on our aim to deepen engagement with learning technology right across the University.





Name Role Contact Details

Karen Howie

Programme Owner


Colin Watt

Programme Manager (IS Applications)



Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
October 2021 GREEN
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
LAT010 VLE Upgrade to Learn 9.1 BLUE August 2012 Maurice Franceschi Closed Close
LAT011 Virtual Classroom Implementation BLUE November 2012 Tim Gray Closed Close
TEL001 PebblePad Upgrade 2013 BLUE July 2013 Laura Bell Closed Close
TEL002 Speedwell database hosting BLUE May 2013 Franck Bergeret Closed Close
TEL004 Moodle Upgrade 2013 BLUE July 2013 Laura Bell Closed Close
TEL005 ODL Image upload for card services BLUE July 2013 Laura Bell Closed Close