The Timetabling programme is focused on the business-as-usual project activity to ensure continuity of the Timetabling service.

The Timetabling service publishes personalised learning & teaching timetables to over 32,000 students.

The Exam timetabling service publishes personalised exam timetables to students for each of the main and monthly exam diets

The benefits of the shared academic timetabling service include:

  • Student focused, coherent institutional timetabling which enhances student experience
  • Improved information and tools to support the effective use of University resources
  • Improvements to the management of curricula and academic timetables
  • More effective provision and use of learning and teaching space
  • Greater flexibility in managing staff teaching time
  • More effective use of administrative staff resources
  • Supporting family-friendly policies
  • Improved curriculum planning  
  • Modelling of timetable changes to enable innovation in the curriculum and optimisation of teaching delivery
  • Modelling of timetable changes to enable new programmes and courses to be scheduled
  • Modelling of timetable changes to check feasibility of building closures during building work


Timetabling Unit :





Jamie Thin - IS Applications Programme Manager

Scott Rosie -  Head of Timetabling Services


Current Programme status

Report Date RAG
December 2022 AMBER
Code RAG RAG Date Manager Status Stage
TTU023 Timetabling Annual Roll-forward to 2022/23 BLUE November 2022 Alan Donald Closed Close
TTU025 Timetabling Upgrade to V4 GREEN December 2022 Alan Donald In Progress Plan
TTU026 Timetabling Annual Roll-forward 23-24 GREEN December 2022 Alan Donald In Progress Plan
TTU027 Teaching Timetabling - Implementation GREEN December 2022 Jamie Thin In Progress Plan
TTU028 Exam Timetabling - Implementation Chantal Reilly In Progress Plan