The Timetabling programme is now focused on the business-as-usual project activity to maintain and deliver small enhancements to fine tune the Timetabling service available to staff and students.


The benefits of a shared academic timetabling service include:

  • Student focused, coherent institutional timetabling which enhances student experience
  • Improved information and tools to support the effective use of University resources
  • Improvements to the management of curricula and academic timetables
  • More effective provision and use of learning and teaching space
  • Greater flexibility in managing staff teaching time
  • More effective use of administrative staff resources
  • Supporting family-friendly policies
  • Improved curriculum planning  


The Timetablng service now offers a timetable modelling service:



  • Modelling of timetable changes to enable innovation in the curriculum and optimisation of teaching delivery
  • Modelling of timetable changes to enable new programmes and courses to be scheduled
  • Modelling of timetable changes to check feasibility of building closures during building work


Timetabling Unit :



(previous project activity - for info only)


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Jamie Thin - IS Applications Programme Manager

Scott Rosie -  Head of Timetabling Services