List of Programmes

Programme Programme Manager
USG Portfolio Projects (OTHUSG) Muriel Mewissen
VLE Excellence Lee-Ann Simpson
Web Strategy and Services Sheri Harrison
Z. Communication, Media and Web (CMW) (Closed 31/07/14) Adam Wadee
Z. Data Technology Programme (closed 3/5/2023) Steve Taylor
Z. Development and Alumni (closed 31/07/13) Jamie Thin
Z. Digital Transformation - Digital Library (Closed) Karen Stirling
Z. Distance Education Initiative (DEI) (closed 2012/13) Maurice Franceschi
Z. ECA Portal and LMS (ECA) (closed 2012/13) Maurice Franceschi
Z. Estates Capital System (ECS) - CLOSED Derrick Matheson
Z. Estates Core Systems Integration (ECSI) - Closed Derrick Matheson
Z. Estates Facilities Management Programme (ECAF) - Closed Marjory Howarth
Z. Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST) - Closed Rod Hanchard-Goodwin
Z. Estates Systems Maintenance (ESM) - CLOSED Derrick Matheson
Z. Galapagos (inactive) Dahlia Doughty Shenton
Z. IS Change - Communications and Branding (CCB) Jeremy Upton
Z. IS Change - Equality & Diversity (CED) Melissa Highton
Z. IS Change - Flexible Resourcing (CFR) David Anderson
Z. IS Change - Project Management (CPM) Mark Ritchie
Z. IS Change - Service Based Culture (CSC) Neil Bruce
Z. IS Change - Staff Learning and Development (CSD) David Anderson
Z. IS Change - Standards and Technical Leadership (CST) Simon Marsden
Z. IS Change - Working Together (CWT) Jo Craiglee
Z. IS Change – Innovation (CIN) Jo Craiglee
Z. ISG - Library Management Platform (LMP) (closed August 2017) Karen Stirling