List of Programmes

Programme Programme Manager
Z. WCDI IoT Programme (Replaced by EID programme) Stephen Taylor
Z. Scholarly Information Services (SIR) (closed) Adam Wadee
Z. Research Management and Administration System (RMAS) (closed August 2016) James Thin
Z. Research (RES) (closed August 2017) Karen Stirling
Z. Procurement (PPS) Emma Mcnab
Z. Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (PPLS) (closed) Muriel Mewissen
Z. Payroll and Pensions (PPP) (closed) Emma Mcnab
Z. MVM - Portfolio Projects (OTHMVM) (closed) Muriel Mewissen
Z. MVM - College Led Projects (COLMVM) - closed Muriel Mewissen
Z. Media (closed 2012/13) Maurice Franceschi
z. ISG Learning Teaching and Web - Strategic Projects (Closed) Tim Gray
Z. ISG - Web Integration (WIT) (Closed) Adam Wadee
Z. ISG - University Website (UWP) (Closed) Tim Gray
Z. ISG - Library Management Platform (LMP) (closed August 2017) Karen Stirling
Z. IS Change – Innovation (CIN) Jo Craiglee
Z. IS Change - Working Together (CWT) Jo Craiglee
Z. IS Change - Standards and Technical Leadership (CST) Simon Marsden
Z. IS Change - Staff Learning and Development (CSD) David Anderson
Z. IS Change - Service Based Culture (CSC) Neil Bruce
Z. IS Change - Project Management (CPM) Mark Ritchie
Z. IS Change - Flexible Resourcing (CFR) David Anderson
Z. IS Change - Equality & Diversity (CED) Melissa Highton
Z. IS Change - Communications and Branding (CCB) Jeremy Upton
Z. Galapagos (inactive) Dahlia Doughty Shenton
Z. Estates Systems Maintenance (ESM) - CLOSED Derrick Matheson