List of Programmes

Programme Programme Manager
Estates Business Operations Optimisation Programme (EOO) Rod Hanchard-Goodwin
Estates Systems & Technology Maintenance (EST) Rod Hanchard-Goodwin
Lyell Access and Engagement Programme Daryl Green
Web Strategy and Services Sheri Harrison
Service Excellence - Finance Transformation Programme (SEPFTP) Greg Malkin
Service Excellence - HR Transformation Programme Clare Le Fevre
Estates Facilities Management Programme (ECAF) Marjory Howarth
Service Excellence - Student Administration and Support (SAS) Amanda Percy
ITI - Communications Infrastructure (CIS) Gail Devaney
EDINA 20/21 Emily Elliott
Digital Transformation - Integrated Identities (DTIP09) Hilary Shand
Sustainable IT (DTIP012) Stephen Roy
DTI Portfolio Projects (OTHDTI) Stephen Roy
Digital Transformation - Enterprise Data Warehouse Stephen Roy
Digital Transformation - User Experience Stephen Roy
Digital Transformation - Engagement and Other Projects Stephen Roy
Digital Transformation - Enterprise APIs (DTIP03) Stephen Roy
Digital Transformation - Building Digital Culture Stephen Roy
SRS - Resource Efficiency (REF) and Circular Economy Sarah Ford-Hutchinson
SRS - Communications Channels and Systems (CER) Sarah Ford-Hutchinson
Service Excellence - People and Money (SEPCOR) Alasdair Paterson
Edinburgh Innovations Limited (EI) David Montreuil
SRS - Energy Engagement and Communications (EEC) Andrew Arnott
SRS - Fairness in Trade and Sustainable Procurement (FTSP) Alexis Heeren
SRS - Sustainable Laboratories (SLB) Chris Litwiniuk