List of Projects

Project Code Project Title Status Current Stage Project Manager Start Date Close Date
CSG018 IRM Onboarding - Business School Industry Activity Not Started Plan Andrew Stewart 04-Feb-2022
LUC059 The Nagler Bequest: Transforming Conservation of the University of Edinburgh’s Cultural Heritage Collections Not Started Initiate Ruth Honeybone 10-Jan-2022 31-Dec-2026
LUC035 Speaking Out Not Started Initiate Louise Williams 01-Nov-2021 01-Nov-2022
MVM507 Risk, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Not Started Initiate Mark Hay 06-Sep-2021
EST130 Estates CAFM Implementation Not Started Initiate Marjory Howarth 02-Aug-2021
BAY107 New schools outreach offerings to fill possible gaps based on existing activity in 21/22 Not Started Execute Kirsten Phimister 01-Aug-2021
ENT401 Enterprise Infrastructure Migrations Not Started Initiate Maurice Franceschi 01-Jul-2021 01-Jul-2022
SAC085 GDPR 2 for student systems Not Started Initiate Franck Bergeret 01-Jun-2021 04-Apr-2022
DTP023 Deployment of Windows 10 To Locally Managed Devices Not Started Initiate Maurice Franceschi 01-Jun-2021 27-Aug-2021
COM058 Qlik-Sense and Qlikview Annual Upgrade Not Started Initiate David Watters 01-Jun-2021
EDIP0252 Bono Greenhouse Gas Removal Not Started Initiate Andrew Horne 03-May-2021 31-Jul-2025
AV2925 CSE - College Office Hybrid Meeting Rooms Suspended Analyse Stephen Dishon 03-May-2021 30-Jul-2021
IDR304 Staff RDP Mitigation Not Started Initiate Maurice Franceschi 03-May-2021 27-Aug-2021
DLIB008 DAMS Implementation Not Started Initiate Alex Ross 16-Apr-2021
WPS009 Replace EdWeb Infrastructure In Progress Plan Tim Gray 16-Apr-2021 09-Jul-2021
RSS302 Research Infrastructure Refresh 20-21 In Progress Initiate Richard Bailey 12-Apr-2021 30-Jul-2021
P0347 Transition resources Not Started Initiate Donna Murray 08-Apr-2021
AV2927 IGMM Meeting Rooms SG.03 & C3.02 In Progress Analyse Eddy O'Hare 08-Apr-2021 30-Jul-2021
AV2922 IGMM Expansion Suspended Initiate John Power 01-Apr-2021
LUC056 UCF insurance claim project In Progress Plan Daryl Green 01-Apr-2021 31-Aug-2022
DLIB007 Access to All: GLAM Data and API Service In Progress Plan Karen Stirling 01-Apr-2021 02-Dec-2022
RIS018 Worktribe Upgrade v2021.1 In Progress Plan Anne Mathison 01-Apr-2021 15-Jul-2021
DST202 AppsED Service Extension Not Started Initiate Maurice Franceschi 01-Apr-2021 31-Jul-2021
COM060 MFA Rollout for O365 Email Withdrawn Close David Watters 01-Apr-2021
EDIP0267 CGI Apps for CEC In Progress Deliver Emily Elliott 01-Apr-2021 31-Mar-2022