Project Summary:

The stated deliverables for this project were:

D1. A replacement bookable rooms website which is maintained in line with golden copy room data.

D2. Changes to the golden copy data necessary to complete D1

D3. Definition and documentation of the processes necessary to populate and support the replacement site.

D4. Mechanism to display the replacement site through the existing Timetabling Unit page.

Project Summary:

The RES046 project was created to allow technical staff in IS Apps to assist with the procurement of a new software system for Biomedical Research Resources (BRR). 

The main activities were: - Dev Tech completing the technical questions for the ITT. - Dev Tech assisting where necessary with the ITT evaluation.  

As agreed at the outset of the project, no project brief was required.  All tasks have been completed and the project can now close.

Analysis of Resource Usage:


This project will evaluate the ITT responses for the BRR Procurement project.


Project Summary:


MVM has identified the need for IS to host the Speedwell databases, and migrate existing data in consultation with Speedwell.


To work with Speedwell, the software supplier to:

1.    set up Test and Live databases on IS shared server,

2.    migrate data from the existing Speedwell implementations,

3.    agree on-going support requirements for the service.


Following the introduction of WPM gateways, ERA is no longer required. This project will look at how functionality used by the Student Finance Channel could be replicated elsewhere to allow this application to be decommissioned.  Any bounce-throughs to WorldPay will also be replaced by the WPM payment gateways.





Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
July 2014 BLUE 85.0 days 212.0 days 0.0

Project Summary:

  1. Oracle Database upgraded to 11.2
  2. BOXi reporting tested and continuing to function
  3. FOI application using database continuing to function


Additional benefits


  1. TEST database refreshed from LIVE enabling more accurate testing of application.
  2. BOXI universe refreshed from LIVE enabling more accurate testing of new BOXI reports
  3. Operational Document delivered
  4. PUBSLIVE database decomissioned.


Closure Questionnaires:

Project Summary:

The objectives and deliverables defined in the Project Brief were:

The key aim of the project is to specify the University’s functional requirements for the RMAS post-award module.  The outcomes of the analysis will subsequently be used to define the procurement requirements during the third phase of the RMAS project. The specification of the University’s requirements will be obtained from three main activities:

1.       Consultation meetings with key stakeholder groups.

Project Summary:



EUCLID had a three-tier architecture model with duplicate tiers located in each of the University’s two main server rooms: Kings Building (KB) and Appleton Tower (AT). It used 6 machines (Solaris servers) as front Web Tier, which will not be supported any longer by Sun Oracle from 31st July 2013.