Deliverables for this project include the following:

D6 - Secure Software Development - Documentation completed by Thalia NIKOLAIDOU.  This is a living document that will be updated as we establish / finilise more processes (security scanning being one of them).   The checklists discussed, are linked to from the code review section.  The document is on the following wiki page:

CMVM Compute and HPC Strategy vs 1.0


Last revised: 04/02/20


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Attached to this page are the communications to be sent out as well as who to contact and when.

The files containing templates for posters and library screens are attached below and are in the correct format.

The Original file that they are saved from are also on this page. Edits can be made as required.

CMDB documentation be found at:

  • K > ISAPPS  > csg > projects > HAS002 > CMDB documentation updated 24-Jan-19

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