Document Sign Off

Name Project Role Date Signed Off
Gavin McLachlan Project Sponsor 11 Jan 2021
Jo Craigee Business Lead 11 Jan 2021
Karen Beggs

Project Manager

11 Jan 2021


This page contains documents included as formal deliverables of the project:



Following a meeting held on 15/07/22, the attached document provides a summary of the activities handed over as BAU to Service Management.

COM065 Handover to BAU Summary


All students provided feedback through an online survey on their experience of using ExamOnline to take a mock exam on the 16 November 2017, see  examonline_student_survey_part_1.pdf

LTW EDE analysed this feedback, alongside the software, and a comprehensive report is available at: ltw_ede_examonline_evaluation.pdf

No. Description Link to current / approved version of deliverable  
D1 A procurement strategy that will define the procurement journey and provide a suitable outline for the procurement

Two artefacts have been produced: a Requirements Mind-Map and a Recommendations Paper. Each document has been base-lined as v1.0. 

These two documents are held to a mapped drive and stored in a restricted sub-folder at:  K:\ISAPPS\dsg\Projects\MVM133\Baselined Documents. 


This page is to summarise the changes made to CMVM rooms in response to the feedback in the document "CMVM future space use - hybrid working. Summary of initial campus feedback", which identified the need that some rooms on campus would be expected to run hybrid meetings in future.

SCE011 was initiated at the request of the Sponsor seeking for support from Information Services to evaluate the potential of the ExamOnline application from Intelligent Assessment Technologies through a trial run. The School of Biological Sciences selected ExamOnline because it supports the inclusion of hand drawn diagrams.