For full launch, wider channels will be used such as the All Staff and All Student mailing lists, MyEd announcements, EUSA, and the focus will be on all staff, students and visitors.


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The following actions were identified at a meeting of ITI and USD staff on Friday 19/08 to look at what needed to be done ahead of the new term. This is simply being used to monitor what still needs to be done.








Provide list of UUNs from UniDesk

Neil Bruce


IS should use of the new functionality recently introduced to Edweb which allows staff to add information to their Staff profiles. IS should set up basic profiles for all staff as an initial task.

Information in the Staff Profile is:

1.     Searchable

2.     Owned by the individual staff member

3.     Can be grouped with similar staff profiles in a number of ways

4.     Can be minimal or contain as much information as the staff  member wishes to add.

The review approach, management summaries, workshop outputs and summaries have all been storied on Sharepoint: -



This project follows a successful research project carried out by the School of Economics in 2014 which sought to better understand how job seekers searched for employment and in turn how their success in finding employment could be improved upon. The research team (Prof Philipp Kircher, Prof Michele Belot, and Paul Muller) were supported by Information Services in the design and implementation of the web interfaces which were used in the study under RES050.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
June 2021 AMBER 290.0 days 286.8 days 3.0

See attached document.

This is the implementation sequence of events.

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