This documentation has been prepared under the scoping & investigative work that was identified in the scope for STU241. It is to be submitted to WIS for approval, and is expected to form the basis for the follow on project to implement CareerHub at the University of Edinburgh.

The request for the follow-on project - STU242 - is being submitted to WIS on 13/06. The brief and other documentation produced by STU241 will be copied over to the new project once the website for it is set up.

Deployment Plan - Dev

For Universe connections:

The database user account is "BOAIR", which has been created on all database environments.  The database instance is APPSDEV.  Therefore the universe connections are called "appsdev_boair" – this has been created.

Complete 11/02/2014

For Business Objects Universe:

Following feedback from the eRecruitment User Group, the final version of the benefits review paper was passed to HR for distribution on 20th May 2014.

Final benefits review paper

Deployment Strategy

As MyED Live has 4 applications sever; one of the servers will be taken out of the load balancer when the others remain available and if the upgrade in that server goes as plan then it will rollout to other severs.



No depenedencies have been identified.


WIT will communicate rollout plan to channel owners.

An alert will be created.

Deployment Checklists

Application checklist 


This area will contain the draft e-Learning review report, one of the success criterias for the project. This will help articulate the suggested route moving forward, with a suggested high level roadmap for these specific tools and services to underpin the College strategy moving forward.

Project Meeting 6 - 13-Feb-14

Attendees: Craig, Anne F, Jeff B,  Ewan, Anne M, Tim and Nikki CC: Sigita R, Heather


 After today's meeting I have updated the Completion report and Milestone completion

                51 days are likely to be the resulting Actual Effort

However Craig,

I haven't put in that you want to clarify

A list of who is doing what and when and noting when it was done.


Please feel free to amend format etc.

** NOTE: start and completion dates for the previous upgrade attempt in brackets