• Initial draft Business Case issued for review 19/12/2013
  • Updated Business Case v1.2  issued for project team review 20/01/2014

SSP Deployment Checklist for the project. This is a cut down version of the IS version of the document

AreaIssueReported byUpdateEssential?
CMC/AuditingClient auditing is unavailable.RM

Reported via Trello

Resolved 29/11

This is the latest version; updated on 28/02/14 after changes made post-deployment to cover the issues reported by Careers. These are the issues covering student helper access.





RoleOrganisationNameDate Signed Off

Production Management Coordinator (Owner)




Project Manager




Business Analyst




Systems Analyst Designer



The contract will not be a public document.

Please contact the project manager if you want to see the contract.