Support arrangements - TEL team - 15/08/13





RoleOrganisationNameDate Signed Off

Production Management Coordinator (Owner)

IS Applications Management

Ana Heyn 

Project Manager

IS Project Services

Alex Wood 

Business Analyst

IS Project Services

The following spreadsheet includes a list of tasks that need to be completed in order to switch from 2012/13 database to the 2013/14 database, in order to continue to present current information to Room Monitors for room bookings and to point staff and students to current Web Applications.


Update - 26/8/2013 - All switchover tasks that affect web applications have been completed.  Timetabling Unit will remove permissions to 1213 data subsequently.


Minutes from 26/06.

Attendees :- Stevie Conlon, Dave Berry, Peter Jackson, Neil Grant, Richard Good, Michael Sun, Tim Gray


Update on Current Tasks

- DR testing strategy determined

- TEST server work nearing completion

- LIVE server build in progress.



The remaining tasks for DEV Tech detemined to be

- DR request of ITI ,

- Test the SOA dehydration database message tidy scripts

- Complete server builds

Please see attached form below that the suppliers should use when they have want to request access to the Energy Recording Systems.