To upgrade the Scientia Exam Scheduler product from ES

v3.5.9 to ES v3.5.11 - this will move the Exam Scheduler product to the latest release to ensure the product stays fully supported by Scientia, and to deliver small enhancements to the product

Worktribe, the company responsible for producing the University’s pre-award/post-award research administration management system, releases 2 major versions of the application per year.

There is a requirement to keep within touching distance of the latest version in order that the University is able to take advantage of functionality which relates to key University business processes, e.g. leveraging performance and functional improvements, legislative changes, and increasing demand from research funders and our own researchers.

The Media Asset Management System project will install a new system that will allow for the storage and backup of ‘in production’ media within ISG’s media studio on Floor D of Argyle House. The project will also establish protocols for storing and managing new media and also for archiving existing media.

This project will deliver a website which will become a registry of people with Fragile X Syndrome, and their families.

The project will follow on from a previous project which looked at information management within Project Services. We currently store a range of information in a number of places, including the Projects Website, the Wiki, Office 365 (SharePoint and One Drive) and various network drives. This project will define what information should be held where and in what structure. To do this, it will consider the audience for the information, the security required, and the user experience.


In line with a general review of ITI services and processes, with an aim to review and improve our core competencies, project management will take stock of what has been put in place, review and update documentation and processes, bring focus on where it is weak, and plan for a ongoing project presence in ITI. 


This project will encompass the coordination and carrying out of an overarching review of the different roles involved in project management. The review will focus on the current role descriptions relating to project delivery, the existing guidance relating to roles and responsibilities and the attitudes to this within the Applications Directorate and some key partners.

The review will consider the following roles:

The project will review and assess current practices for assigning staff to projects in each section in the Applications Directorate. This includes documenting the process flow for each section, identifying common themes and steps. It will identify current challenges experienced by project managers and resource managers, identifying common themes and summarising in order of importance.

It will provide valuable preparation for an ASTA health check in August.

It will gather feedback regarding current resource conflict guidance and experiences.