Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

This project will add support for bulk upload to the Visitor Registration System (VRS).

This will provide the ability to automate the creation of thousands of visitor accounts at the start of term in Schools in CAHSS and Schools in other Colleges too.

This will be of particular benefit to the Centre for Open Learning.

This projet will deploy OCS (Open Computer and Software) inventory in the College of Sciences and Engineering. There is currently no university wide hardware assets management solution. OCS is already in use in CAHSS. CSE is introducing the use of OCS to support the implementation of the Sustainable IT policy.

This project will upgrade and enhance the COMMAND Curriculum Mapping tool.


Breeding programmes are key for managing and improving populations in agriculture, wild or captivity. This course details how to use the latest research to design a new, or upgrade an existing, breeding programme using (big-)data and data science. It achieves this by first, introducing the basic principles of in-silico modelling of breeding programmes and basic usage of R (highly transferable skills), particularly the package AlphaSimR (available at CRAN).

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
December 2019 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

This project will deliver a system to support the management of the Vet School's Extra-Mural Studies (EMS) student placements.

This project aims to provide the ability within Grouper to delegate the definition of groups to College and School staff.

University of Edinburgh hosts start of term open days for news students joining the University twice a year; September and January.  September takes in amounts to ca. 10,000 new students from across the world.  Professional Services concentrate on the administrative, IT and joining activities to ensure the best experience possible.  ISG is responsible for IT Services readiness, new cards, personal IT (Wi-Fi), Library tours, as well as learning and teaching technologies.

Development Services have reviewed web sites/applications which are owned by Applications Directorate. As part of this review a number of web sites/applications have been identified as sites which will need to address their current Accessibility and associated Statement. The review was done by considering key factors, like audience, whether they are public, size of service, can we be confident that consumers of the service will be comprised of people who will likely have accessibility needs and when they were last updated and so on.