This project will support the official opening of the EFI building on Lauriston Place due in August 2023 by coordinating the delivery of essential ISG services:

  • Network
  • Telephony
  • teaching room equipment
  • Applications licensing
  • Identity Management
  • Room booking
  • Desk booking
  • Timetabling
  • Helpdesk
  • Internal communications

The project will capture the enquiry data for 2020-21 and migrate it into the staging layer of the Enterprise Data Warehouse. The unanonymised data will be available for incorporating into future strategic reporting uses.

Learning Spaces Technology (LST) are expanding the number of rooms that can be setup with audio and video equipment for meetings.

All infrastructure hardware has a finite maintenance lifetime. A typical supported lifetime for server and storage hardware is 5 years. The majority of vendors will not supply maintenance for longer periods.


Deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms devices across larger meeting rooms in Argyle House. Project would also cover AV upgrades in some key areas: * Dual display (separate people and content) in Rooms 14 and 7 * Ceiling microphone arrays (Hybrid Classroom spec) in the Boardroom, 14 and 7 to provide very high quality audio and allow the furniture to be more flexible * MTR and AV upgrades in the medium sized set of spaces (6, 8, 15, Small K) * all equipment is movable should relocation be needed.  * Rest of the spaces to retain PC and speakerphone combos