This project will upgrade the current GeoSciences databases, migrate them to secure IS hosted environments, and define and document the support procedures, roles and responsibilities.

Staff in colleges and schools regularly raise the issue that performance of UG/PG Admissions is unsatisfactory during the peak period. This project will continue from SAC075 EUCLID Performance Improvements where UG improvements were addressed and have been greatly received. This has driven the desire to review PG and provide the same performance and also efficiency for process improvements.

Improvements to key areas identified by the Colleges:


PG - Bulk rejections

The University will enter UCAS clearing again for 2019 with places being available to prospective students from Scotland and Internationally.

Scottish Clearing - 6 August 2019

A level / International - 15 August 2019

As in previous years, we will work closely with the admissions staff in USG and the Colleges, and technology experts from ISG to ensure that the clearing process is successful in providing a positive experience and great outcomes for our new students.

Our high level objectives of this project are to:

To agree and deliver commercial, financial and contractual agreement aligned to Mass Systems support agreement renewal, June 2019

The project will deliver an options appraisal to enable Estates to review and make early decisions with regards the proposed

direction of travel for CAFM system.   It will ensure that only those options

which meet strategic aims and timescales, and can be delivered within the business risk appetite, will be taken forward for detailed analysis.

The EVES voting system is used to deliver voting and counting in high profile elections conducted across the University including General Council, University Rector, Student Representatives and Academic Affairs.

The system is currently on unsupported/obsolete technology.

This is an LTW internally run project to deliver an upgraded service, upgrading wordpress to the latest supported version of the application at the point of upgrade and also deliver some plugins / functionality not delivered via TEL050.