DataStore Fibre Channel Replacement

This mutifaceted projects seeks to: •       review the current data sources and management techniques, •       provide an overview of how best to leverage the data the College is currently generating •       improve the outputs and outcomes of the marketing team through better use of data insights, •       ensure there is ongoing analytics support services to introduce new techniques, tools and industry best practice.

To upgrade Scientia products to new Technology One Scientia supported versions. Since Scientia was acquired by Technology One - retirement dates have now been set for all previous versions of the Scientia products , as the products get migrated to Tech One supported products.

Current software versions are out of formal support from 1-Oct 2022. Technology One won't make any code changes to fix problems customers experience with these products after 1-Oct 2022. However Tech One support team will still support data errors that don't require changes to software code


DuraSpace have announced that support for DSpace 6 will end on 1st July 2023 which gives us a year to complete the upgrades of our ten instances of DSpace. DSpace 7 is a major upgrade with an entirely new interface including updated submission processes and workflows. For each instance, existing customisations that have been made will either need to be re-written or retired.

There are two forms that are used to make changes to staff salaries: "Charging of Staff Salaries Form 13" and the "Outcome of Contract Review" Form. These capture data relating to charging of staff salaries to research grants and changes to contracts. This data needs to be captured and approved and the forms generated to enable the correct information to be input to People & Money, as there is no method to do this being provided from P&M at launch. The research income to the University in 2020/21 was £324m

To undertake an upgrade to the Estates Facilities Management System, Archibus, to a supported current version v2022.

COR007A Historical Data Storage - provide solution for recruitment data

Historical Data Storage - provide solution for recruitment data

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
July 2022 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0