The ERO Research Contracts Governance and Integrity Team (RCGI) are looking to engage the SharePoint Solutions Team to create a document management system to store documents and communications relating to legal matters. The existing method of managing documentation and communication is inefficient and troublesome with manual processes for matter generation across three systems (Worktribe, the primary research management tool, U drive and Outlook) and storage problems when reaching limitations of Outlook and network drive storage policies.

To provide geospatial expertise to EPCC on energy mapping.

Developing a Story Map for the Recipes for Resilience: Engaging Caribbean Youth in Climate Action and Afrodescendant Food Heritage through Story Mapping and Song project.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
December 2021 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

This project follows on from HSS037 Replacement of ECA Mini Portfolios - Business Analysis which completed in August 2021. HSS037 reviewed the processes and systems used to manage the submission of portfolios by UG and PG candidates applying to ECA. The College is taking forward the recommendations that a new system is needed and this project is looking to carry out a procurement and implementation of an off the shelf solution.


Start of term is an increasingly challenging time for students and our IT and Library services. Our services are more complex and tightly integrated. Student numbers are increasing, and expectations are growing. It is important that the University provides a professional and positive experience for our students, particularly new first year undergraduates. Staff turnover from year to year can mean that key expertise is lost. This is all too important to leave to chance. 

The University’s project website (PWS) uses an underlying content management system called Drupal to enable the management, delivery and support of Projects, Programmes and Portfolios. The current version of Drupal used by the PWS is Drupal 7. The end of life (EOL) date has been extended to November 2022. This project is required to ensure that the software remains on a supported version of Drupal.

Annual project to deploy a call centre to support Clearing and admission queries over the Scottish and UK results days.


Archibus is no longer support by the software supplier as it is an old version. To reduce the risk of downtime the system will need to be upgraded to the latest version once Phase 3 of P&M has been delivered. More details to follow once planning gets underway.

The Helpdesk team currently have a Microsoft Access database which has been organically developed from scratch, by a former employee.  The Key Contacts Database has grown to become a critical operational asset, which is now shared with our key front line service provider, Estates Security. 

The Microsoft Access database technology is not supported by ISG. This project is to develop and alternative in a supported technology which will provide increased service resilience.