This is a small-scale enhancement project with limited scope.


Event Booking sends out a lot of emails all with slightly different wording. Event providers  should not need to customise email templates. (Defined as adding a single chunk of user-defined text into the relevant emails rather than full customisation of each relevant email)  The specific single use case driving this  development work is for adding information about prerequisites/actions to the emails.


The feature will be implemented as follows:

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
March 2017 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

To determine how the Estates department can integrate BIM with Archibus

The current link between the Visitor Registration system and the PURE current Research information systems has been depreciated.

Direct DB links will no longer be supported by IS Apps Service Management ( after 2018/19)

This project will replace the direct DB link with a new feed from IDM.

This will also be an opportunity to improve the integration between PURE and VRS / IDM , so that current and future business processes will be better supported by the data feed.

This project will create a centralised internal communications mechanism for the Information Services Group.  No such mechanism exists and a need has been identified through the ISG Change Programme Communications and Branding theme.

Portfolio CSG/ISG/SASG/HSS/MVM/SCE delete as applicable Portfolio Priority 1/2/3 
Programme Programme name if applicable Programme Priority 1/2/3
Programme / Portfolio Owner Programme Owner (or Portfolio Owner if no Programme)  Programme / Portfolio Manager (IS Applications) Programme Manager ((or Portfolio Manager if no Programme) 


SSP Sample Project



There are also similar sample projects for the following types of project:


software development


This Project is a sub-component of Estates Capital System Programme, which is  part of Estates Capital Programme Strategy.  

This project is dependent on the Estates Capital System Implementation (EST103)

This project will identify currently unknown technical outcomes, design solutions for these outcomes, and transition these solutions to Live (Business-as-Usual).

This project may run in parallel or subsequent to EST103

Project plans & management TBC.

Project to review the Health and Wellbeing website to ensure all pages are still current, redundant information is updated or deleted, and pages refreshed as required.

Review Fire Safety Unit website, both generally and also with new fire safety responsibilities introduced recently.