This tool is used to identify major projects and is based on an assessment of the following project characteristics:

The 'Initiate' phase of a project is when the original idea is conceived, considered and approved to take forward as a project.

There may be a Project Proposal document.


Cataloguing to item level four series of case notes produced by Norman Dott.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
July 2017 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

Many people living in resource-poor settings have never had access to the laboratory facilities or technical expertise that are needed to diagnose diseases. With the development and deployment of a new generation of affordable, easy-to-use, and portable diagnostic devices that are designed for places with no laboratory infrastructure, the global landscape of diagnosis is dramatically changing. Can portable diagnostic devices strengthen health systems in resource-poor settings?

There are a number of roles which are often typical, some essential, for any project.

Roles can vary greatly from project to project depending on the scale and complexity of what the project is to deliver.  Some projects have individuals performing multiple roles, some have additional roles not specified in this list, and some of the roles listed here may not be required at all.

Every project must have a Project Sponsor and a Project Manager.



Project will all have these governance roles by default.

Role Name Division / Group / Team / College / School and Title
Project Sponsor Graeme Wood Enterprise Services
Programme/Portfolio  Manager Maurice Franceschi Project Services
Senior Supplier

Kenneth MacDonald

Priority and Funding

This has been initiated at the direct instruction of the Chief Information Officer and as such is a Priority 1 initiative but a Priority 14 within the Programme. Funding is direct (£200k 16/17 with £400K available 17/18) and from existing budgets for handling such projects.