Primo (DiscoverEd) is able to harvest metadata in MARC21 and Dublin Core formats, which are the two most commonly used standards for bibliographic and digital object metadata. Harvesting and conversion to Primo's own XML format is highly configurable, which means that DiscoverEd has the potential to offer a unified search for resources that are currently described in separate databases using different metadata standards.



The purpose of the project is to investigate and document the requirements and possible avenues for a EUSA Staff Directory.


We will potentially be investigating a number of products and looking for alternatives. This would include but not exclusive to: Custom-built Web Apps, Facebook/LinkedIn, EUSA (MSL) Website, Active Directory.  

Note: In accordance with EUSA’s IT Project Group’s general guidance, that writing a programme should be avoided, if at all possible. An off-the-shelf product is always a preferable option. 

The overall purpose of this project is to encourage and recognise meaningful action taken among staff and students to increase sustainability across the University of Edinburgh through the following activities:

-Review the content of the previous toolkit to ensure previous teams' feedback on the scheme is accounted for

-Increase participation in the Office Awards scheme, with 32 teams signed up by 31/7/2015, spreading the reach of the Awards across more units

-Provide an online toolkit for teams to use for participation in the Office Awards






Cost of Project - Costs must include all time/resource to be spent on the project and not just the dedicated project team. A total cost of ownership approach should be used which includes all project costs over 48 months including any recurring costs. 




Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
May 2016 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

Document Sign-off

NameRoleDate signed off
Bob FisherProject Sponsor 
Morna FindlayProject Manager 
Adrian RichardsonDevelopment Analyst