Procure and implement a new library management system/platform by August 2015. It will include both the "front-end" discovery platform and the "back-end" library management system for circlulation, acquistion, cataloguing. Being led by L&UC.Now project LMP 001

The In-Year Project request is available here - it was sent to WIS on 13/12/13 and was approved.

The attached pdf document is the project proposal form submitted for approval on 6th Decemeber 2013.

Proposal attached below for EST076 - 2013-14

Following the discussion with MVM today (18/11/2013) I thought I would put down my thoughts on what I was envisaging as our options for using the system and what integration we would need.


Guidance: The Project Manager and Project Sponsor complete the assessment tool as part of the initiation of the project. Enter the score for each element to determine whether the project is “Normal”, “Major” or “Strategic”. This scoring will determine the appropriate governance requirements for the project – see the Major Projects Governance Toolkit Guidance for additional resources and information.



Assessment Criteria