ACES is a research project funded by ESPA . It involves scientists and practitioners from Mozambique, the UK, Sweden, Zimbabwe and Brazil. We are working to understand how the livelihoods of rural people in the miombo woodlands of Mozambique change as the landscape is converted from woodlands to agriculture.


This project is the follow on from the options appraisal project.

Communication with SRA Student Recruitment Admission has been done by emails in July. Sign off of the project request forms and Brief also done by emails.

Project team met w/b 30/7 to dicuss objectives and estimates.

In Year Project Request Form approved at WIS 2/8.

19/8: kick off meeting with Karen Osterburg, Duncan Scott, Franck Bergeret and Defeng Ma

Using last year SITS upgrade project's brief, discussed the required steps, risks, dependencies, stakeholders, communications 

5/9: Estimate meeting with Pride, Suran, Defeng and Franck


This project will provide the neccessary infrastructure to host the Accommodation Services website


Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
October 2013 BLUE 35.0 days 8.3 days 28.9

See attached document for notes from intial meeting with sponsor to discuss requirements for project and to demonstrate early prototypes ahead of completion of brief.

Initiation meeting held on 25/2. Present Ian Pirie, Chris Giles, Peter Pratt, Dave Berry, Sheila Fraser, Franck Bergeret

Link to Dave's paper in preparation of the meeting: ESS Architecture Review

Current proposals for future work on the shared file server: "O:\projects\planning\Corporate_IT\2013-14 Planning\Annual Plan\SASG\OTH" 


Meeting summary:

Initiation meeting held on 29/11/12 with 

- Jon Jack, Anne-Marie Scott: Service Management/TEL, service owner

-Fiona Littleton and Wesley Kerr, USD, business owner

-Geir Granum, Config Team 

- Maurice Franceschi, Franck Bergeret: Project Services

Reviewed the project information required for the Brief.

Action: Franck to write the Brief and circulate to all- Done 4/12