Assessment Criteria




Guidance: The Project Manager and Project Sponsor complete the assessment tool as part of the initiation of the project. Enter the score for each element to determine whether the project is “Normal”, “Major” or “Strategic”. This scoring will determine the appropriate governance requirements for the project – see the Major Projects Governance Toolkit Guidance for additional resources and information.


Assessment of Project Status Using the Governance Framework Visualisation Tool

 Guidance: This assessment tool should be completed by members of the Project Board, User Group and other key project stakeholders. Please complete the questionnaire providing your views on the current status of the project based on the Major Projects Governance Toolkit Guidance .




Assessment Description



Reasons for Scoring / Suggestions for Improvement

Create Vision

Vision for Change



Initiation meeting held on 30/1 with Richard Arkless, review of the requirements which were submitted to project sponsor and SSIG for feedback (file attached with Ian's comments).


See attached document.

Meetings held with PM and  

- Business Lead 22/11 to discuss minimum requirements for phase 1

- Business Lead and Sponsor 28/12: to validate minimum requirements for phase 1 and objectives/deliverables of phase 2

- Senior Supplier 4/12: to review draft brief

Email sent to staff in March 2013: 

This is the information given out at the site meetings recently relating to Customer Service Excellence.  I am sending it out as an email now to remind you of what was said and what we are working towards, but also to inform those staff who might have missed the meetings.

To Site Supervisors: please be reminded that I am awaiting the name of the member of staff who has volunteered to be your site ‘champion’ for this project. I have already received names from the ML and Vet Library.

UniDesk is a shared service providing a web-based service management tool for the Education sector.  It acknowledges industry best practice and is based on TOPdesk Enterprise with Shibboleth authentication.

UniDesk has been developed in partnership by Abertay (Dundee), Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities.  The partnership shares the cost of the service and directs service strategy and development and offers the service to members.


The Project Proposal can be found here.

The Proposal's estimates can be found here.


Estimate summary (263.5d):