UniDesk is a shared service providing a web-based service management tool for the Education sector.  It acknowledges industry best practice and is based on TOPdesk Enterprise with Shibboleth authentication.

UniDesk has been developed in partnership by Abertay (Dundee), Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities.  The partnership shares the cost of the service and directs service strategy and development and offers the service to members.


The Project Proposal can be found here.

The Proposal's estimates can be found here.


Estimate summary (263.5d): 

24th April 2013, Torridon Room, Charles Stewart House

Attendees: Simon Marsden, Martin Morrey, Paul Johnson, Franck Bergeret, Chris Giles, Barry Neilson, Lee Stobie, Sheila Fraser, Karen Osterburg, Dave Berry, Peter Pratt, Defeng Ma

The objective of the meeting was to discuss what the short-term and medium-term actions were needed for the SAC007 Student Self-Service project in relation to the existing 3 student channels in MyEd.

The outcome was agreement that the following would be done in the short-term:


Meeting 14/5:

Notes and actions from this morning's meeting to discuss progress of the EUCLID load testing on MyEd channel.

Present: Peter Attfield, Riky Harris, Iain Fiddes, Chris Giles, Franck Bergeret


1. Load test requirements

- load test to be done using two SITS retrieval methods (sql and SITS syntax). Need 2 URL for each of them.

Action: Peter to send both URL to Riky

- style sheets

1. Meeting held 23/10

Present: Fraser Muir (HSS), Abdul Majothi, Mike Holmes (USD), Rachel Lacaille (SACS), Andrew McFarlane, Maurice Franceschi, David Watters, David Smyth , Franck Bergeret (IS Apps)


1. Roles and responsibilities

- System ownership

With the transfer of ownership of SMART from USD to SACS taking place on 1st Nov, there is question whether SACS should not be taking the Senior Role for that project. That would avoid confusion with users when it comes to user support.

Guidance: The Project Manager and Project Sponsor complete the assessment tool as part of the initiation of the project. Enter the score for each element to determine whether the project is “Normal”, “Major” or “Strategic”. This scoring will determine the appropriate governance requirements for the project – see the Major Projects Governance Toolkit Guidance for additional resources and information.



Assessment Criteria





The Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) has been formed following the merger of The MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh Cancer Research UK (ECRC) and the Molecular Medicine Centre.

Initiation was initially carried out by Maurice Franceshi and David Williamson in July 12. This was continued by Franck Bergeret and David W in August. Initial meeting held to dicuss proposals, scope and objectives.

Meeting was also held between PM and David Smyth (Production) and Pride Shoniwa (Dev Tech) mid Aug to discuss the technical requirements, and start the process of building 2 new Machines to host MSSQL 2008 for Test and Live. 

Project Proposal from 11/12 Annual Plan