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  Date Signed Off

  Maurice Franceschi  

The HESA Staff Return is an annual submission of staff data which are required to meet HESA requirements. This project will cover any changes required to either collect the data in Oracle HR & Payroll, submit the data to HESA or produce any supporting BI Suite reports

There is a requirement for a Risk Management System to enable Risk Owners across UoE to add and manage their risks and allow the University's Risk Manager to have visibility of these risks.  This project has been set up to undertake early market engagement followed by procurement of an appropriate system

Management and control of policies and related documents are fundamental to the way that the University conducts its business and manages the organisation. The objective of this work is to test and revise the content of a Blueprint, Target Operating Model and business case for a University wide approach to developing, implementing and managing policies. This is with the intention of signing off an implementation project for the University that will be governed within the remit of the Service Excellence Programme.


It is strongly recommended that this template is developed as a Word document and once approved, transferred to this project page (due to the limitation of the website in regard to editing and for easier sharing, tracking and versioning)  


A project:

To carry out current state assessment of personal tutor and student support teams;

To review current best practices for student support;

To identify models available for providing student support (including current UoE);

To consult on identified models;

To create an Options Appraisal for SLTC and SAS Board review and approval of a recommended option; and

This project is a follow-on to HSS014 CAHSS School and Programme Quality System.

This project will improve on the current SPQS application by:

  1. Implementing functional enhancements identified by members of the CAHSS College Quality Assurance Committee in October 2018
  2. Reviewing and revising the current Organisational Level Agreement (OSA), which defines the on-going system support model for SPQS with an aim to extend support to other Colleges



Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
February 2019 GREEN 50.0 days 5.7 days 88.6

Distance Learning at Scale (DLAS) is aimed at delivering, testing and providing the University’s and its partners capability and capacity to plan, create and execute online learning at scale without compromising quality.

During the pilot phase of the scale programme, we will be working with colleagues around the University to explore subject area demand and potential markets for new MicroMasters and masters degrees. 

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
February 2019 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

The project covers preparatory work for the new core system, focussing around getting confirmation during fit/gap sessions with the vendor that the assumptions and statement of needs etc. covered by FTP001, FTP002 and FTP008 are all achievable with the new core system.  The detailed design sessions, which will come later in 2019, will expand on the these documents and add the detail required for implementation.

This project is to continue to improve and fully roll-out Windows 10 to devices not covered by projects DTP009 and DTP012. Windows 10 Desktop as a Service at UoE will be improved during the lifetime of this project.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
February 2019 GREEN 100.0 days 5.0 days 200.0