"Learn" already provides a solid system to deliver course announcements, organise tutorial groups, and distribute course material.

To further enhance the student experience this project looked to develop a comprehensive and modern platform aimed at creating a collaborative environment for students to ask and answer questions, get help and share ideas, thus complementing the University's learning management system.

The project looked to address the customary absence of student participation in university courses. Students tend to have a passive approach to the course activities, to be reluctant in exposing themselves in large and unfamiliar surroundings, to disregard concepts that are only superficially understood until revision week. When it is the case that further clarifications are asked to instructors, the information remains confidential in their email inboxes, when in fact other students could have benefitted of the same clarification.

By having Ask as a university proprietary platform, it is possible to have a seamless integration with the university system providing a much more efficient and functional solution than a third-party web application which requires to be installed and setup for all courses. Each university course will have its own Ask Dashboard, and students taking them will be automatically subscribed if the instructor chooses to use Ask during the term.

This also represents further incentives for students who have taken the course in previous years to join the discussion and provide first-hand insights on the topics being presented in class. A Tutoring Board will be set up for each Ask Dashboard for students who are struggling with the course material to ask for help, and for students who have taken the course previously (and who may have built reputation on the course’s Dashboard) to tutor them.

Ask will also gives students the opportunity to search for coursemates to work together on a project or just create a study group. This would be a practical way for them to meet new people from their course and further explore the university’s cultural diversity.

We are also planning on having a “Lecture Mode” on Ask which would allow students to ask questions during the lecture.

We believe Ask is the missing piece in establishing a more dynamic, collaborative and interactive participation in courses’ activities.

The project delivered everything in terms of the fact that we were looking for a prototype and the next stage would be to arrange for a School(s) to pilot it. at which point it will become a live service.


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January 2016 BLUE 10.0 days 10.0 days 0.0

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