Currently, there is no easy or standard way to access our data. When staff and students look to produce innovative new projects, they often end up having to use CSV files, or static data, which is very limiting. ​Innovation is stifled by these limitations.

We need to:

  • Foster a better culture of creative uses of central data
  • Make sure data is accessed in a secure, controlled,  and auditable manner
  • Introduce consistent data usage across applications at the University
  • Reduce misinterpretation of corporate data used in applications across the University

From the current strategy of harmonising the University portal and web site, to access to open data and the ability for schools and departments (including those within IS) to rapidly and consistently develop applications, it is clear we need an implemented strategy for consistently delivering data in a robust, secure manner.   This project will implement a “mid-tier” secured set of REST-ful web services delivering data in JSON format.   Key data sets will be identified, and prioritised in collaboration with schools and other interested parties. The Project will deliver as many services as possible for the given budget. For example:

  • Identity data
  • HR staff data
  • Course data
  • Programme data
  • Organisational unit data
  • Timetable events data
  • Finance invoice data
  • Library data
  • Notification data

The project will ensure such data access is secure, audited, and controlled.​

There is a related project specifically targetting EUCLID submitted by Greg Tyler. We have agreed we would work together to agree general strategy in the event of either proposal being funded.

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
August 2016 BLUE 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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Enterprise Data Services
IS Innovation - Applications (API)
Project Manager
Richard Good
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Simon Marsden
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