To deliver successful project requires more than just good project management it also requires effective project sponsorship. ​Traditionally however we've invested far more in training our staff in project management skills and largely ignored the vital role of the Project Sponsor.

This project is to start to address this imbalance by providing training for Project Sponsors across the University covering key business areas such as Student Experience, Student Systems, Finance, Human Resources and Teaching and Learning. The training would be another iimportant step in the development of the project culture at the University and is complementary to the work being done within ISG and across the University to improve change management and project delivery. We believe that there would be significant demand for this training. We believe that this training will develop internal understanding and capability which will deliver benefits to the University almost immediately."

Ron Rosenhead of the Project Agency, a long term specialist consultant and trainer in project delivery and co-author of the successful book Strategies for Project Sponsorship, has agreed to work with the University on this initiative. We will use a tailored version of Project Agency existing project sponsor training materials which have been used successfully across the UK and beyond..We will target project sponsors across the institution and senior project managers in ISG. The training would cover the needs and responsibilities of both Project Sponsors and Project Managers to enable them to effectively leverage this key relationship to achieve better project outcomes for the University.

We intend to complete the initial training by end March 2016. We'd train around 30 senior Project Sponsors and Project Managers.  We'll also arrange a follow up review with participants and their managers 6 months later to review experience, identify benefits and prioritise future needs.   

This innovation project will be documemented via this Project Web Site. Additional resources will be published as links here Other Resources for Project Sponsor Training

Mark Ritchie Head of Project Services Information Services


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May 2016 BLUE 10.0 days 10.4 days 0.5

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