Occasionally, secondment opportunities are available within IS or within the university but there may be development opportunities which are being missed because of a lack of visibility of IS needs to non-managerial staff. The previous experience and skills, and current interests of IS staff may not be fully appreciated by line managers and senior managers, who may therefore be unaware of resources which they might be able to draw upon for short-term purposes.

The ADR would usually concentrate on a staff member's abilities to fulfil their current role and the needs of the team to which they are currently assigned. Similarly staff may be unaware of short-term needs within IS which they might be able to fulfil and whch they might be interested in from a career development perspective. For example technical staff  may have project management expertise, project managers may have event management expertise and developers may have service support expertise.

This project will create a simple register where IS staff may choose to list experience, skills and interests which may be of interest to managers who have  short-term skill shortages or opportunuties for development to offer. A register of interests and skills would allow staff who would like to develop and managers who identify short-term needs to be matched up with each other.

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IS Talent Register - transforming staff development
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