The Book.ed summer project has produced a working proof-of-concept for rapidly discovering and booking study space based on availability and user location, using mobile devices,   All stakeholders agree this should now be rolled out as a live service. This will require effort from IS Applications Development and Production areas, some code changes to book.ed itself, and service support from IS WGI. Service will be rolled out in two stages •October 2015 Open-Access Study Space •End Nov 2015 Bookable Study Space ​The main tasks required are: •Provide direct room booking link / web service (5 days Apps) •Deploy room-availability web service on live infrastructure (3 days Apps) •Confirm initial hosting of Django application (1 day Apps) •Complete integration into MyEd (5 days LTW)•Harmonisation of UI, includingTwitter Bootstrap implementation) •Provide feed of building opening-hours (6 days Apps) •Add geo-location to room availability (1 day Apps, 2 days LTW) •Add geo-location to PC availability feed (2 days Apps) •Support from Production •Accessibility review and improvements (1 day LTW) •Security review•Risk assessment (2 days Apps) •Remedial work (2 days LTW) •WGI Support•0.5 FTE UE05 Service Analyst •Increase in Production support budget for MyEd tbc

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March 2017 GREEN 0.0 days 0.0 days 0.0

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Roll Out Book.ed and Support for 1 Year
IS Innovation - Applications (API)
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Martin Morrey
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Jo Craiglee
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