Applicants need to complete some actions before they can ​be regarded as matriculated students, and use all student services. They need to register online, and submit a card photo, e.t.c...

It isn't easy for staff to know when applicants are expected to complete tasks, or if they have already completed certain tasks. Therefore support groups both within and outside IS find it difficult to obtain the context of any interactions they have with new students. Often the only way for a school's support team to find out if an applicant has paid their invoice, or submitted a photo for their new university card is to email other teams, or raise a call with IS Helpline requesting basic status information. This creates extra workload for all teams concerned and impacts negatively upon student experience due to the introduction of unnecessary delays. Status information should be readily available to staff whenever they need it.

This innovation proposal seeks to enhance cross divisional communication and track the new student journey with the aim of improving communcation with new students. Envisage a simple app seachable by UUN which would display, for example, when a new student's O365 account was activated, when they submitted a photo for their card and if they sent a payment mandate to finance for fees and/or accommodation. Status data would be sourced from authoritative data sources.

The app would have a mobile-friendly view for use by new or returning students to check outstanding and completed tasks. An administrative view would also be provided for support staff in schools and the IS Helpline to check progress. The view of the app would be tailored according to whether studentrs are on-campus, distance learning or international.



Budget: 31 days total  - [ 23 days (74%) in 2015/16 and 8 days (26%) in 2016/17 ]

Resources: IS Applications staff

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Improve interaction with new and returning students
IS Innovation - Applications (API)
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Adam Wheavil
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Bryan MacGregor
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