The vision for EdWeb and the Distribution has always been to foster an open source University development community akin to the broader Drupal community, allowing us to expand development resource beyond ISG and enable developers to be actively involved, as well as sharing our processes and coding standards more widely.

A code sprint is a get-together for focused work on a project, commonly organised in world-class open source software development conferences such as DrupalCon. These events are well attended and regarded as a success since they provide great opportunities for collaboration and engagement between peers, having an aim to collectively contribute, following common objectives and goals, to drive the tool or service forward. Code sprints are mainly aimed at developers, but other project stakeholders such as project managers, QA testers, content editors, users etc., are welcome to contribute.


Our aim is to organise a code sprint, focused on EdWeb, which will both nurture a spirit of collaboration for EdWeb development, and deliver a framework we can re-use repeatedly to run similar events.  We anticipate such events would take place for EdWeb at least once a year or possibly more, if funded by Colleges, Schools and other service stakeholders, enabling efficiencies and savings in how enhancements are delivered for EdWeb.


  • Student experience and the unique Edinburgh offer
  • Innovation
  • Process improvement, efficiency, quality and best practice


  • Deliver a reusable code sprint framework for further similar events in the future.
  • Organise the first EdWeb code sprint in summer 2016.
  • Review EdWeb code sprint and make appropriate changes to the framework for future events.


Running an initial code sprint is the most effective way of bringing collective knowledge about EdWeb, Drupal and web technologies that resides in different parts of the University together. Initial reception by developers at the regular Tech peer group session was very enthusiastic; more than 10 people, spread across Colleges and Support groups, showed active interest in participating.

Success Criteria

  • Organise the first EdWeb code sprint in summer 2016.
  • Have representation from all Colleges in the code sprint.
  • Participants have a better understanding of EdWeb code standards and can actively contribute to the central service.


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EdWeb code sprint
IS Innovation - Applications (API)
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Stratos Filalithis
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Simon Marsden
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